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Salt Lake City UT ZIP Code Map with Street Detail
Description: ZIP Code map of Salt Lake City, UT, with enough street detail to clearly determine the boundaries of most ZIP Codes.
Base Cost: $24.00
Size (in inches): 40" Wide x 58" Tall
Size (in feet): 3.3 Feet Wide x 4.8 Feet Tall
Output Formats Available
  • Printed Map
  • PDF via Instant Download (stored as vector not raster, so you can zoom in without loss of resolution)
  • Adobe Illustrator Ver PC (stored as vector, fully layered, with each line, polygon, or text type stored on its own layer for easy manipulation)
  • SVG (text based vector format compatible with Illustrator 10)
Number of ZIP Codes Indexed: 85
Number of Populated Places Indexed: 2346

Map Includes the Following Layers:
  • State Lines
  • Cities and Town Boundaries and Labels
  • County Boundaries and Labels
  • ZIP Code Boundaries and Labels
  • All Roads and Select Road Labels
  • Water Bodies
This map shows ZIP Code boundaries and labels. The index includes the map coordinates for all ZIP Codes that fall within the map coverage, including those associated with P.O. boxes or other delivery points not assigned to a range of street addresses. The index also includes precise x,y coordinates of populated places and neighborhoods, including those that are too small to label on the map itself.

Full Key to Map Showing X,Y Coordinates to the Features of Your Map

ZIP Code Index for Map:
Salt Lake City Metro Detail
ZIP Code Map

ZIPS with an * are associated with Post Office Boxes or delivery places not assigned to a range of street addresses. The x,y coordinates correspond to the rulers that run along the top (x) and side (y) of your map.

84003 2581,4961
84004 3206,4495
84006 528,3607
84010 2766,913
84011* 2330,660
84013 261,4940
84014 2600,299
84020 2455,4314
84025 1932,273
84043 1343,5131
84044 773,2242
84047 2449,3208
84050 3303,430
84054 2245,1220
84062 3346,5214
84065 1124,4476
84070 2154,3560
84074 64,3737
84084 1573,3167
84087 2021,551
84088 1340,3483
84090* 2248,3493
84091* 2242,3499
84092 3108,3859
84093 2766,3544
84094 2421,3659
84095 1629,3821
84101 2200,1883
84102 2427,1815
84103 2312,1636
84104 1503,1979
84105 2547,2108
84106 2419,2463
84107 2257,2852
84108 3055,1589
84109 3193,2385
84110* 2157,1916
84111 2259,1911
84112 2636,1804
84113 2626,1857
84114* 2262,1700
84115 2090,2313
84116 1613,338
84117 2499,2893
84118 1275,2906
84119 1946,2432
84120 1444,2458
84121 3076,3066
84122* 1746,1490
84123 1950,2871
84124 3047,2666
84125* 1818,2425
84126* 1817,2424
84127* 1817,2424
84128 1094,2377
84130* 1817,2424
84131* 1817,2424
84132* 2569,1826
84133* 2409,1792
84134* 1845,1752
84136* 2247,1797
84138* 2253,1794
84139* 2256,1813
84141* 2385,2752
84143* 2303,1705
84144* 2228,1751
84145* 2157,1916
84147* 2268,1919
84148* 2617,1921
84150* 2237,1772
84151* 1880,1605
84152* 3656,2326
84153* 1950,1707
84157* 2220,2757
84158* 2737,2116
84165* 2197,2306
84170* 1338,2417
84171* 2767,3191
84180 2156,1783
84184* 1732,2645
84189* 2226,1801
84190* 2235,2189
84199* 1867,2186
84604 3677,5076

Populated Place Index
[H] = historical, no longer exists
[S] = subdivision or neighborhood

214 North Temple Condominium (Salt Lake) 2234,1820
A and K [S] (Davis) 2274,813
Academy Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1530,2770
Acord Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1592,2463
Adams Park (Salt Lake) 2514,3113
Addison Park One [S] (Salt Lake) 1324,2374
Addison Park Three and Four [S] (Salt Lake) 1322,2421
Adventure Condominium (Salt Lake) 2936,3373
Agricultural Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2001,1792
Airport East Business Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1912,1805
Aix La Chapelle Condominium (Salt Lake) 2739,2826
Akron (Salt Lake) 2521,3158
Alamo Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2197,3504
Albert Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2073,2016
Alda Verda [S] (Davis) 2438,1046
Alegre Vista (Salt Lake) 2371,3496
Allen [S] (Salt Lake) 2472,4334
Alpine Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2338,2925
Alpine Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1554,2423
Alpine (Utah) 3020,4844
Alta Canyon Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2684,3620
Alta Cove at Willow Creek [S] (Salt Lake) 2715,3527
Alta Heights [S] (Davis) 2483,576
Alta Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2490,3926
Alta Hills (Salt Lake) 2888,3524
Alta View Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2235,3691
Alta Vista [S] (Salt Lake) 2585,3521
Alta Vista Subdivision Number 1 (Salt Lake) 2771,3769
Altara Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2383,3954
Altavilla Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2783,3759
Altawood Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2466,3865
Altawood Subdivision Number 3 (Salt Lake) 2863,3654
Altawood (Salt Lake) 2873,3636
Amanda Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1354,2602
Amby Briggs [S] (Davis) 2584,736
American Plaza Condominium (Salt Lake) 2293,1874
American Towers Condominium (Salt Lake) 2293,1881
American Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 2349,3645
Amherst Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2164,3019
Amos Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2023,1620
Anderton Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1724,2739
Andlor (Salt Lake) 2811,2859
Angel Street (Salt Lake) 2312,3421
Angie Circle Condominium (Salt Lake) 2398,2952
Angle View (Salt Lake) 1885,3073
Apollo Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 1224,2659
Apple Blossom Estate [S] (Salt Lake) 2445,2901
Apple Valley (Salt Lake) 2952,3293
Applegate Condo (Salt Lake) 2126,2908
Applewood Estates [S] (Davis) 2368,392
Applewood (Salt Lake) 2703,3029
April Acres (Salt Lake) 940,2441
April Meadows (Salt Lake) 1560,3090
Arbor Estates Condominium (Salt Lake) 2728,2847
Arbor Estates (Salt Lake) 2728,2847
Arborwood Park (Salt Lake) 2713,2883
Arcadia [S] (Davis) 2384,584
Arcadia Park Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2696,2746
Arcadian Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2680,2746
Archer Kullak [S] (Salt Lake) 2109,1871
Ark [S] (Salt Lake) 2202,3544
Arlington Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2604,1731
Arlington Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1477,2774
Arlington Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2625,1755
Arnold Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1658,2763
Arthur (Salt Lake) 553,2285
Artistic [S] (Davis) 2412,864
Artistic Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2804,2752
Artists View Heights (Salt Lake) 2872,3387
Asbury Park Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1833,2279
Ashbrook Condominium (Salt Lake) 2324,3202
Ashford Acres (Salt Lake) 1603,3709
Ashley Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2662,3787
Aspen Glen Condominium (Salt Lake) 2317,2976
Aspen Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2121,2947
Aspen Park Condo (Salt Lake) 2853,3227
Athens (Salt Lake) 1044,2200
Atlas Hills (Salt Lake) 2927,3478
Atwood Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2331,2833
Atwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2347,2773
Atwood (Salt Lake) 2216,3130
Auburn Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2154,2972
Auburn Heights (Salt Lake) 2738,3349
Autumn Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2851,3876
Autumn Wood Circle (Salt Lake) 1851,2895
Autumn Wood (Salt Lake) 1851,2905
Avalon Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1852,4527
Avalon Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2566,3481
Avondale [S] (Salt Lake) 1898,1739
Avondale Condo (Salt Lake) 2970,3364
B and B [S] (Davis) 2484,513
B and B Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1466,2614
Bacchus Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1213,2564
Bacchus (Salt Lake) 824,2804
Bailey [S] (Salt Lake) 1288,2566
Bailey Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1227,2565
Bair Estates (Salt Lake) 2918,3438
Baker [S] (Salt Lake) 2438,3221
Bali Hai [S] (Davis) 2512,799
Bali Hai (Salt Lake) 2423,3309
Ballard [S] (Salt Lake) 2835,2742
Ballard Avenues [S] (Davis) 2226,1121
Ballstaedt Estates (Salt Lake) 2864,3272
Bamberger Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2287,2803
Bangerter [S] (Salt Lake) 1832,2598
Banner Hill Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2590,3560
Barbers (Salt Lake) 1933,2711
Barichs [S] (Salt Lake) 2289,1737
Barke Circle (Salt Lake) 2014,2824
Barlow [S] (Davis) 2475,722
Barrington Park (Salt Lake) 2038,2693
Bay (Salt Lake) 2651,2947
Bayview Park [S] (Davis) 2358,601
Becks (Salt Lake) 2100,1394
Beckstead Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1993,3851
Bee and Gee [S] (Salt Lake) 2408,3084
Bel Won Enterprise (Salt Lake) 1578,2871
Bell Canyon Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2537,3867
Bell Canyon Estates (Salt Lake) 2471,3905
Bell Oaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2890,3723
Belle Meadows (Salt Lake) 2484,3052
Bello Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1115,2506
Bello Park Three [S] (Salt Lake) 1134,2533
Bellwood Acres (Salt Lake) 2751,3154
Belmont Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2549,3527
Belmont Terrace (Salt Lake) 2657,3279
Ben Air Estates (Salt Lake) 1909,3082
Ben Rancho Acres (Salt Lake) 1847,3031
Benchmark Village [S] (Davis) 2396,291
Bennion Court Estates (Salt Lake) 1892,3055
Bennion Cove (Salt Lake) 1822,2881
Bennion Estates (Salt Lake) 1707,3102
Bennion Park (Salt Lake) 1841,3054
Bennion Plaza [S] (Salt Lake) 1823,2635
Bennion (Salt Lake) 1930,3067
Benview [S] (Salt Lake) 1574,2735
Benwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2215,2476
Berg Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2440,3969
Berkshire West [S] (Davis) 2237,878
Best View (Salt Lake) 1934,2876
Betty Heights (Salt Lake) 2382,3308
Betty Manor [S] (Davis) 2257,933
Bev Wood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2857,2691
Beverly Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1751,1573
Bevwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2785,2785
Bevwood Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2823,2713
Beyles Riverside Plot [S] (Salt Lake) 2074,2189
Big Willow Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2587,3979
Bingham Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1501,3549
Birch Point Condominium (Salt Lake) 2519,2930
Birchmont (Salt Lake) 2292,3292
Birchwood Estates (Salt Lake) 2460,3017
Birdella Park [S] (Davis) 2352,630
Birdland [S] (Davis) 2359,572
Biscayne Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2691,3105
Blackburn (Salt Lake) 2836,2847
Blaine [S] (Salt Lake) 2008,1949
Blake Heights (Salt Lake) 1871,3036
Blue Grass Acres (Salt Lake) 2536,3176
Blue Haven Place [S] (Salt Lake) 1717,2760
Blue Ribbon Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2697,2765
Blue Spruce Heights (Salt Lake) 2840,2936
Blue Spruce (Salt Lake) 2830,2925
Blue Star Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2339,3694
Bluff at Hidden Valley (Salt Lake) 2537,4069
Bluffdale (Salt Lake) 1891,4468
Boggess Meadow Estates (Salt Lake) 2489,3285
Bolton and Company [S] (Salt Lake) 2120,2096
Bona Vista [S] (Davis) 2404,1079
Bonanza Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1812,3731
Bonanza Acres Number 3 [S] (Salt Lake) 1860,3983
Bonito Verde [S] (Davis) 2451,371
Bonneville Acres (Salt Lake) 965,2570
Bonneville Center [S] (Salt Lake) 1314,1737
Bonneville Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 1070,2570
Bonneville Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2303,3177
Bonneville Tower Condominium (Salt Lake) 2467,1845
Bonneville on the Hill [S] (Salt Lake) 2617,1817
Bonnie Brae [S] (Salt Lake) 2874,2712
Bonnie View [S] (Salt Lake) 2894,2762
Bonniebrook Estates (Salt Lake) 1739,2831
Boulevard [S] (Salt Lake) 2638,2703
Boulton [S] (Davis) 2377,997
Bountiful Acres [S] (Davis) 2391,906
Bountiful Gardens Apartment Homes (Davis) 2342,682
Bountiful Heights [S] (Davis) 2533,729
Bountiful Hills Estates [S] (Davis) 2558,826
Bountiful Lake Hills [S] (Davis) 2514,650
Bountiful Park [S] (Davis) 2341,792
Bountiful Townhouses [S] (Davis) 2424,925
Bountiful (Davis) 2408,718
Bowling Green (Salt Lake) 1904,2776
Bowthorpe (Salt Lake) 2807,2841
Boyes Acres (Salt Lake) 2748,2858
Bradford [S] (Salt Lake) 2404,2843
Bradford Ranchos (Salt Lake) 2863,3227
Brady Place [S] (Salt Lake) 1072,2560
Brahman Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 2312,2958
Brahman Valley Condominium (Salt Lake) 2310,2945
Brandon Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2626,3925
Breeze Estates (Salt Lake) 888,2389
Breithing Park (Salt Lake) 2166,2603
Brenthaven Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1868,2576
Brentmar Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2343,3553
Brentwood Circle [S] (Davis) 2446,771
Brentwood Estates [S] (Davis) 2483,364
Brentwood Hills [S] (Davis) 2623,760
Brentwood Park (Salt Lake) 2509,3131
Briarcreek Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2780,2749
Briarcreek Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2780,2764
Briargate [S] (Salt Lake) 1772,2696
Briarwood [S] (Salt Lake) 1900,2624
Briarwood Acres [S] (Davis) 2268,897
Briarwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2735,2734
Briarwood Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2765,2740
Briarwood Springs Condo (Salt Lake) 2379,3339
Briarwood Springs Townhomes (Salt Lake) 2380,3326
Bridle Acres [S] (Davis) 2210,644
Bridlewalk [S] (Salt Lake) 2357,3009
Bridlewood [S] (Davis) 2399,1123
Briggs [S] (Davis) 2482,730
Brigham Madsen [S] (Salt Lake) 2403,2727
Brighton Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1653,2266
Brighton Hills (Salt Lake) 2852,3332
Brighton Place Condo (Salt Lake) 2699,3320
Brighton Point (Salt Lake) 2955,3324
Brighton Ridge (Salt Lake) 2637,3286
Brighton View [S] (Salt Lake) 2371,3614
Brighton View (Salt Lake) 2756,3340
Brimhall [S] (Salt Lake) 2842,2805
Brimley [S] (Salt Lake) 2852,2800
Broadbent [S] (Salt Lake) 2857,2806
Brockwood (Salt Lake) 2541,2839
Broken Ridge at Highpoint (Salt Lake) 2470,3389
Bron Breck (Salt Lake) 2862,2840
Brook Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 1224,2551
Brook Hollow Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1247,2552
Brookfield [S] (Salt Lake) 1170,2647
Brookhaven [S] (Salt Lake) 1430,2492
Brooklawn Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1256,2534
Brooklyn [S] (Salt Lake) 2206,2041
Brookshire Estates (Salt Lake) 1953,3118
Brookside Park (Salt Lake) 2653,3012
Brookstone Condo (Salt Lake) 2584,3136
Brooktree Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2629,3221
Brookwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2511,2791
Brookwood [S] (Salt Lake) 1863,4083
Brookwood Condominiums (Salt Lake) 2522,2833
Brookwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1857,4057
Brough Estates (Salt Lake) 2509,3887
Brower [S] (Salt Lake) 1785,3139
Brown [S] (Davis) 2262,1043
Brown Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1802,3579
Brown Stone Condominium (Salt Lake) 2266,1802
Brown-Tye Meadows (Salt Lake) 2061,2841
Browns Park [S] (Davis) 2585,916
Browns Townsite (Salt Lake) 796,2376
Brubaker Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2858,2801
Buena Vista [S] (Salt Lake) 1765,1955
Buena Vista (Salt Lake) 1730,1933
Bullion [S] (Salt Lake) 2110,2981
Bullock [S] (Salt Lake) 1986,1969
Bunnells [S] (Salt Lake) 1971,1809
Burgundy Street Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2095,3606
Burkes Addition (Salt Lake) 783,2410
Burkhart Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1754,3805
Burlington Addition East [S] (Salt Lake) 2047,2016
Burlington Addition West [S] (Salt Lake) 2012,2015
Burningham [S] (Davis) 2479,693
Burningham Industrial (Salt Lake) 2251,4165
Burnugh Downs (Salt Lake) 1723,2975
Burr Oak Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2225,2147
Burton Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2261,2312
Burton Addition (Salt Lake) 2277,2509
Burton Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2299,2319
Butler Hills (Salt Lake) 2705,3312
Butte [S] (Salt Lake) 2098,1975
Byers and Tolles Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1999,1645
Bywater Park Estates (Salt Lake) 2857,3295
C Barton Grover [S] (Salt Lake) 2645,2716
Caballero Ranches (Salt Lake) 2617,3362
Cahoon Acres [S] (Davis) 2272,863
Cahoon Haynes Addition (Salt Lake) 2288,2832
Calann (Salt Lake) 2610,2992
Callister [S] (Salt Lake) 2820,2815
Cambria Pines (Salt Lake) 2854,2934
Cambridge Condominium (Salt Lake) 2482,1868
Cambridge Estates (Salt Lake) 2633,2936
Cameo Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2606,3537
Campbell [S] (Davis) 2435,658
Candlelite Corner (Salt Lake) 2389,3350
Candlestick Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1756,2578
Cannon [S] (Salt Lake) 2104,2185
Cannon Hills [S] (Davis) 2497,338
Canon Road [S] (Salt Lake) 2349,1784
Canterbay Estates (Salt Lake) 2651,2941
Canyon Brook Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2594,3631
Canyon Cove (Salt Lake) 2938,3146
Canyon Crest [S] (Davis) 2614,846
Canyon Enterprises (Salt Lake) 3330,3211
Canyon Oak Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2742,4030
Canyon Place (Salt Lake) 2947,3588
Canyon Racquet Club Condo (Salt Lake) 2981,3312
Canyon Rim [S] (Davis) 2523,831
Canyon Rim (Salt Lake) 2777,2450
Canyon Road Towers Condominium (Salt Lake) 2336,1820
Canyon View Condo (Salt Lake) 2960,3356
Canyon View Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2594,3597
Canyon View Village (Salt Lake) 2602,3252
Canyon Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2628,3582
Canyon West (Salt Lake) 1046,2585
Cape Cod Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1323,2727
Capistrano Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 2536,3370
Capitol [S] (Salt Lake) 2309,1788
Capitol Gardens Condominium (Salt Lake) 2283,1750
Capitol Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2491,1699
Capitol Heights Condominium (Salt Lake) 2297,1745
Capitol Hill [S] (Salt Lake) 2475,1709
Capitol View [S] (Salt Lake) 2288,1706
Carl Sandberg [S] (Salt Lake) 1382,2590
Carlton Towers Condominium (Salt Lake) 2374,1808
Carmel Cove (Salt Lake) 2367,3294
Carmel Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2354,2716
Carol Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 1868,4175
Carole Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2565,2693
Carriage Crossing Condominium (Davis) 2396,785
Carriage Lane Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2736,2766
Carriage Square (Salt Lake) 1929,2667
Carsey Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2436,2728
Carters Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2636,2687
Casa Loma [S] (Davis) 2451,308
Casa Verde Estates [S] (Davis) 2308,571
Casa de Norte [S] (Davis) 2525,954
Castle [S] (Davis) 2199,1110
Castlefield Downs [S] (Salt Lake) 2395,3130
Castleford Estates (Salt Lake) 1558,3085
Casto Gardens (Salt Lake) 2824,2875
Casto Pines Condominium (Salt Lake) 2786,2893
Castro Heoghts [S] (Salt Lake) 2853,2758
Catalina Estates (Salt Lake) 922,2458
Catherine Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2019,1709
Cavalry Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2547,3585
Cedar Hills (Utah) 3148,5216
Cedar Springs Condominium (Davis) 2415,453
Cedar Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2423,3393
Celesta Vu Condominium (Salt Lake) 2368,1800
Celeste (Salt Lake) 2281,3344
Centennial Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2386,3169
Centennial Village Two (Salt Lake) 1031,2548
Centennial Village (Salt Lake) 1051,2468
Center Village [S] (Davis) 2383,419
Centerfield (Salt Lake) 2234,2579
Centerville Acres [S] (Davis) 2463,510
Centerville (Davis) 2476,450
Central Heights [S] (Davis) 2514,705
Central Park Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1589,2562
Century Condominium (Salt Lake) 1170,2505
Chalet [S] (Davis) 2321,1040
Chambers Park (Salt Lake) 755,2380
Chambers Townsite (Salt Lake) 743,2366
Champignon (Salt Lake) 1714,2862
Chandler [S] (Davis) 2468,395
Chantilly [S] (Salt Lake) 1222,2481
Chaparral Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1098,2600
Chaparral West (Salt Lake) 890,2510
Chapel [S] (Davis) 2400,636
Charleston Place (Salt Lake) 2637,3025
Charmar (Salt Lake) 3053,3552
Charnell [S] (Davis) 2283,484
Chase Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2381,3065
Chase Lane Estates [S] (Davis) 2450,331
Chase Lane Village [S] (Davis) 2370,316
Chase Lane West [S] (Davis) 2400,317
Chateau Park [S] (Davis) 2361,792
Chateau Village (Salt Lake) 1303,2936
Chattel Estates Number Four [S] (Salt Lake) 1683,3612
Chattel Estates (Salt Lake) 1680,3711
Chattel Number 5 [S] (Salt Lake) 1966,3829
Chelsea Cove [S] (Davis) 2499,1052
Cheny Ridge Estates (Salt Lake) 2349,3372
Cherill Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1465,2457
Cherry Circle [S] (Davis) 2457,654
Cherry Hill Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1804,3770
Cherry Hills (Salt Lake) 2821,3313
Cherry Park [S] (Davis) 2435,653
Cherry Tree Lane (Salt Lake) 2619,3231
Cherry Wood Estates (Salt Lake) 2384,3528
Cherrywood Condo (Salt Lake) 2389,3536
Cherrywood Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1420,2699
Chesterfield [S] (Salt Lake) 2012,2355
Chestnut Place Condo (Salt Lake) 2090,2925
Chevy Chase (Salt Lake) 2506,2963
Chimney Street Condominium (Salt Lake) 1691,2466
Chris Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1472,2462
Chufar Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2234,3516
Church Heights [S] (Davis) 2334,990
Church View Circle [S] (Davis) 2343,993
Cimarron [S] (Salt Lake) 2027,3065
Cinnamon Ridge [S] (Davis) 2453,572
Circle Tree [S] (Salt Lake) 1230,2426
Circle View Heights [S] (Davis) 2511,485
City Crest Condominium (Salt Lake) 2336,1833
City Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2097,1941
City View Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2275,1687
Clark Learning Office Center [S] (Salt Lake) 2284,1913
Clark Village Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2257,2451
Clayton [S] (Salt Lake) 2406,3094
Clayton Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 2034,2133
Clearview Homes [S] (Salt Lake) 1456,2671
Cleeos Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2374,2698
Cliffwood Park (Salt Lake) 2817,2841
Clinton Downs [S] (Salt Lake) 1748,2465
Clinton (Utah) 1885,5436
Clives [S] (Salt Lake) 2115,1727
Clover Crest Number 2 [S] (Salt Lake) 2153,2854
Clover Crest Number 3 [S] (Salt Lake) 2097,2886
Clover Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 1593,3649
Clover Hollow Condo (Salt Lake) 2152,2883
Clover Hollow (Salt Lake) 2150,2893
Clover Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 1999,4001
Cloverland Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2321,4175
Cloverwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2111,2826
Cluistos (Salt Lake) 1986,3066
Co Rae (Davis) 2399,1058
Coates Estates (Salt Lake) 1795,2807
Coates and Corums [S] (Salt Lake) 2146,1953
Coates and Corums Lake Breeze [S] (Salt Lake) 1926,1871
Coates and Corums South Gale [S] (Salt Lake) 2228,2039
Coats Estates Number 7 (Salt Lake) 1856,2853
Cobble Creek East [S] (Davis) 2214,1068
Cobble Knoll Condominium (Salt Lake) 2470,1876
Cobblerock Lane (Salt Lake) 2777,3225
Cobblestone Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2573,3874
Cobblestone (Salt Lake) 1647,2815
Cockerills Addition (Salt Lake) 878,2339
Coeur Dalane Estates (Salt Lake) 2925,3344
Colonial [S] (Davis) 2400,848
Colonial Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1873,3180
Colonial Gardens Condominium (Davis) 2464,670
Colonial Heights [S] (Davis) 2460,842
Colonial Square [S] (Davis) 2310,984
Colony East [S] (Salt Lake) 1699,2728
Colony East Estates (Salt Lake) 2307,3442
Colony Estates (Salt Lake) 1655,2810
Colony North [S] (Salt Lake) 1655,2593
Colony South (Salt Lake) 1734,2800
Colony West [S] (Salt Lake) 1532,2699
Colony West Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1597,2424
Colony West Subdivision - Numbers 13, 14 and 15 (Salt Lake) 1383,2758
Colorado [S] (Salt Lake) 2071,1747
Concord Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2034,2154
Condie [S] (Salt Lake) 1476,2664
Condie Park Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1499,2680
Condo Shops Condominium (Salt Lake) 1852,2319
Cone and Roberts Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2053,1623
Contadora Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1250,2602
Continental Estates (Salt Lake) 1761,2947
Continental Estates (Salt Lake) 1747,2902
Continental Townhouse Condominium (Davis) 2360,839
Contoy Estates (Salt Lake) 1967,3094
Convest [S] (Salt Lake) 2529,2807
Cookes [S] (Salt Lake) 2480,1790
Copper City (Salt Lake) 1266,2969
Copper Cove Condominium (Salt Lake) 742,2424
Copper Cove (Salt Lake) 742,2411
Copper Hill Heights Eleven [S] (Salt Lake) 1083,2524
Copper Hill Heights Nine and Ten [S] (Salt Lake) 1083,2573
Copper Hill Heights Twelve [S] (Salt Lake) 1084,2547
Copper Hills Heights (Salt Lake) 1174,2579
Copper View Estates (Salt Lake) 961,2514
Copperton (Salt Lake) 786,3729
Copperview Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 1031,2357
Copperview (Salt Lake) 1041,2352
Coral Heights (Salt Lake) 1981,3087
Cormorant (Salt Lake) 2580,3269
Cotton Wood Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 2723,3383
Cottonwood Acres [S] (Davis) 2535,797
Cottonwood Acres (Salt Lake) 2770,3047
Cottonwood Arms Condo (Salt Lake) 2444,3359
Cottonwood Creek [S] (Salt Lake) 2374,2758
Cottonwood Estates (Salt Lake) 2734,3009
Cottonwood Glade (Salt Lake) 2708,3006
Cottonwood Grove Condominium (Salt Lake) 2493,3154
Cottonwood Heights [S] (Davis) 2505,778
Cottonwood Heights (Salt Lake) 2836,3271
Cottonwood Hills Condo (Salt Lake) 2515,3409
Cottonwood Hills (Salt Lake) 2871,2877
Cottonwood Manor (Salt Lake) 2846,3206
Cottonwood Meadows Condominium (Salt Lake) 2413,3215
Cottonwood Meadows Estates (Salt Lake) 2628,2907
Cottonwood Meadows Twin Homes Condominium (Salt Lake) 2413,3215
Cottonwood Meadows (Salt Lake) 2652,2892
Cottonwood Park (Salt Lake) 2559,3062
Cottonwood Ridge (Salt Lake) 2806,3210
Cottonwood Slopes (Salt Lake) 2692,3304
Cottonwood Village (Salt Lake) 2684,3073
Cottonwood (Salt Lake) 2677,2903
Cottonwoods of Holladay (Salt Lake) 2761,2869
Country Club Estates (Salt Lake) 2888,3472
Country Corners Condominium (Salt Lake) 2525,2744
Country Creek Estates Five (Salt Lake) 867,2554
Country Creek Estates One and Two (Salt Lake) 911,2555
Country Creek (Salt Lake) 891,2546
Country Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2433,3511
Country Garden Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2548,3109
Country Hills [S] (Davis) 2478,874
Country Hills (Salt Lake) 1503,3021
Country Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 1774,4224
Country Living [S] (Salt Lake) 1725,4550
Country Manor (Salt Lake) 2747,3167
Country Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1591,2625
Country Roads [S] (Salt Lake) 1805,3825
Country Squire Acres (Salt Lake) 2319,3392
Country Squire Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1748,2706
Country Station Condominium (Davis) 2369,659
Country View Lane (Salt Lake) 2705,3320
Country West (Salt Lake) 890,2510
Country Willows [S] (Salt Lake) 1705,3170
Countryside Condominium (Salt Lake) 2383,3201
Countryside Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1806,3150
County Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 2013,3852
County Wood [S] (Salt Lake) 1970,3576
Cove on Mount Olympus Place (Salt Lake) 2897,2857
Coventry Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2633,3415
Coventry Manor Condominium (Salt Lake) 1752,2528
Coventry at Fairmeadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2442,3205
Cowan West Valley Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1533,2605
Cravalan Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2760,3444
Creek Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 2565,3392
Creek Road Condo (Salt Lake) 2499,3280
Creek Road Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2613,3451
Creek View Condominium (Salt Lake) 2355,2684
Creekside East Condominium (Salt Lake) 2392,2921
Creekside Estates (Salt Lake) 2500,3267
Creekview Estates (Salt Lake) 2568,3292
Creekview (Salt Lake) 1347,2838
Crescent Estates (Salt Lake) 2341,3854
Crescent Highlands [S] (Salt Lake) 2598,3961
Crescent Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2316,3882
Crescent (Salt Lake) 2245,3898
Crestfield [S] (Salt Lake) 1717,2776
Cresthill Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2691,2788
Crestview Estates (Salt Lake) 2656,3305
Crestview (Salt Lake) 1274,2906
Crestwood [S] (Davis) 2505,608
Crestwood (Salt Lake) 2606,2932
Crisp [S] (Salt Lake) 1395,2494
Croper [S] (Davis) 2409,809
Crosby [S] (Davis) 2377,1185
Crosspointe Condo (Salt Lake) 1976,2938
Crown [S] (Salt Lake) 1618,2731
Crown Colony (Salt Lake) 2574,2861
Crus [S] (Salt Lake) 2473,2758
Crystal Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 1598,3487
Cummings [S] (Salt Lake) 2134,2016
Curtis (Salt Lake) 2516,3307
Cyprus Heights (Salt Lake) 949,2477
D and D Ideal Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1846,4187
Dairy Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2411,3047
Dalton [S] (Salt Lake) 2306,2947
Dalton (Salt Lake) 1047,3771
Damron Way (Salt Lake) 995,2385
Danbury Lane Condominium (Davis) 2363,635
Daneborg Estates (Salt Lake) 2907,3480
Danish Hills (Salt Lake) 2885,3432
Dannich Estates (Salt Lake) 1878,2780
Dar Verda [S] (Davis) 2358,682
David Street [S] (Salt Lake) 2324,3678
Davis [S] (Salt Lake) 2375,2682
Davis Sharp and Stringer [S] (Salt Lake) 2228,2094
Dawn Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2543,3200
Day Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1428,2563
Day Park Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1418,2575
Daybreak [S] (Salt Lake) 2717,3598
Daysen Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2420,3445
De Ville Acres (Salt Lake) 2646,3237
Deerfield [S] (Salt Lake) 1340,2688
Deerfield Condominium (Salt Lake) 2860,2908
Deerfield Cove (Salt Lake) 1838,3004
Deerfield Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1341,2715
Del Ann (Salt Lake) 2632,3048
Del Ruby [S] (Salt Lake) 2365,3614
Delmar Downs [S] (Salt Lake) 1696,2435
Delongs Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1846,1963
Delta Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1498,2460
Den-Mar Condominium (Salt Lake) 882,2392
Den-Mar (Salt Lake) 877,2389
Densley Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1870,4360
Denver City [S] (Salt Lake) 1656,1546
Deseret [S] (Salt Lake) 1721,2564
Deseret [S] (Davis) 2423,875
Deskys [S] (Salt Lake) 2030,2015
Deskys Addition Five [S] (Salt Lake) 1930,1800
Deskys Addition Three and Four [S] (Salt Lake) 1953,1804
Deuel Creek Estates [S] (Davis) 2367,376
Deuel Creek Heights [S] (Davis) 2513,472
Dial Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1371,2619
Diamond Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2303,3172
Diamondville [S] (Salt Lake) 1735,3166
Didier Minor [S] (Salt Lake) 1994,3490
Dieter and Johnson Main Street Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2299,2156
Dimple Dell Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2619,3898
Dimple Dell Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 2830,3771
Dimple Dell Oaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2809,3875
Dimple Dell Oaks Subdivision Number 2 (Salt Lake) 2748,3863
Dimple Dell Ranchettes [S] (Salt Lake) 2721,3862
Dimple Dell Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2739,3794
Dixie Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 1632,3126
Dolans [S] (Salt Lake) 2206,2054
Doles Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1825,2007
Donjean [S] (Salt Lake) 2556,2687
Dorius Building Condominium (Salt Lake) 2432,1836
Dotson [S] (Salt Lake) 2145,2121
Doull Brothers [S] (Salt Lake) 2125,1976
Dover Hill Condominium (Salt Lake) 2461,2897
Draper Commercial Parkway (Salt Lake) 2254,4191
Draper Oaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2606,4136
Draper Old Farm [S] (Salt Lake) 2266,4294
Draper (Salt Lake) 2430,4155
Draperville (Salt Lake) 2398,4114
Driftwood Estates (Salt Lake) 2534,3105
Dry Creek [S] (Salt Lake) 2346,3736
Dublin Town (Salt Lake) 1371,2886
Dublin Town (Salt Lake) 3018,2891
Duerden [S] (Davis) 2436,849
Duncan Estates [S] (Davis) 2427,184
Dunford [S] (Salt Lake) 2285,2177
Dunfords [S] (Salt Lake) 2470,1727
Dusty Downs Estates (Salt Lake) 1982,3890
Eaglebrook Estates (Salt Lake) 2330,3406
Earl D Grays [S] (Salt Lake) 1805,1888
East Chapel [S] (Davis) 2410,631
East Cottonwood Heights (Salt Lake) 2721,3161
East Holladay Condominium (Salt Lake) 2866,2830
East Holladay Slopes [S] (Salt Lake) 2877,2804
East Magna [S] (Salt Lake) 1089,2309
East Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2532,2776
East Millcreek (Salt Lake) 2856,2515
East Olympus Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2807,2689
East Redwood [S] (Salt Lake) 1966,2511
East Rubens [S] (Salt Lake) 2321,2984
East Valley View [S] (Salt Lake) 2503,3505
Eastern Addition Sandy Plat A (Salt Lake) 2327,3526
Easton in Holladay Condominium (Salt Lake) 2717,2831
Eastridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2476,4072
Eastridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2508,3984
Eastview [S] (Salt Lake) 2397,3065
Eastview Estates (Salt Lake) 1739,2810
Eastwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2747,3690
Eastwood Park [S] (Davis) 2594,668
Eddie Kay [S] (Salt Lake) 2557,2700
Eden Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2347,2768
Edenbrook Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2496,3879
Edenbrooke [S] (Salt Lake) 1737,3569
Edgemont [S] (Salt Lake) 2485,3688
Edgemont Park (Salt Lake) 1593,2971
Edgemoor Park (Salt Lake) 1859,2814
Edgewood [S] (Salt Lake) 1934,4137
Edgewood Estates (Salt Lake) 2566,2942
Edinburgh of Holladay Condominium (Salt Lake) 2493,2824
Edwards [S] (Salt Lake) 2243,2042
Eggett Acres [S] (Davis) 2288,646
Eggett Estates [S] (Davis) 2647,821
Eggli Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1079,2586
Eggli Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1966,3484
El Camino Estates (Salt Lake) 1926,2693
El Dorado [S] (Salt Lake) 1398,2266
El Joy Plaza (Salt Lake) 1593,2777
El Rancho [S] (Salt Lake) 2398,2986
El Sid Condominium (Salt Lake) 2350,2977
Ellis Park [S] (Davis) 2568,667
Ellison Place [S] (Davis) 2572,905
Ellison Woods [S] (Salt Lake) 2722,3134
Elm Wood [S] (Salt Lake) 2656,2690
Emerald Hills [S] (Davis) 2515,875
Emerald Isle (Salt Lake) 2244,2985
Emigration Oaks (Salt Lake) 3266,1814
Emigration Passive Solar Home Condominium (Salt Lake) 3251,1840
Empire Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2151,1553
Empress Condominium (Salt Lake) 2513,1759
Enchanted Hills (Salt Lake) 2922,3313
Enchanted Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2423,3178
Endot (Salt Lake) 2168,3550
Engel [S] (Salt Lake) 1694,2539
Englewood Heights (Salt Lake) 1671,2871
Ensign Downs [S] (Salt Lake) 2342,1666
Ensign Downs Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2341,1660
Equestrian Springs [S] (Salt Lake) 1097,2372
Erekson Dairy [S] (Salt Lake) 2388,3033
Erin Meadows (Salt Lake) 2042,2814
Ern Hayes [S] (Davis) 2475,850
Esquire Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2841,2771
Esquire Acres Five [S] (Salt Lake) 2795,2773
Esquire Estates (Salt Lake) 2942,3489
Essex Court Condo (Salt Lake) 2456,3218
Ethel Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2552,2810
Euah Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2472,3740
Evans Addition Poplar Grove [S] (Salt Lake) 1975,1998
Evergreen [S] (Davis) 2437,580
Evergreen Acres [S] (Davis) 2317,657
Ewell [S] (Salt Lake) 2430,2686
Executive Suites of Fountain East (Salt Lake) 2491,2871
Ezra Clark [S] (Davis) 2468,834
Fackrell [S] (Davis) 2209,691
Fairbrook Condominium (Salt Lake) 2606,2995
Fairfield [S] (Salt Lake) 2018,1751
Fairlane Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1580,2682
Fairmeadows Condo (Salt Lake) 2407,3204
Fairoaks (Salt Lake) 2379,3483
Fairview Gardens (Salt Lake) 2727,2873
Fairview Park (Salt Lake) 789,2368
Fairway Estates Condominium (Salt Lake) 2419,2930
Fairwood Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2349,3090
Falconcrest [S] (Salt Lake) 1094,2618
Falconhurst [S] (Salt Lake) 2644,3724
Family Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1215,2509
Fardown Estates (Salt Lake) 2683,3052
Farley [S] (Salt Lake) 2829,2700
Farley Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2549,3993
Farm Hill [S] (Salt Lake) 2418,2702
Farm Meadows (Salt Lake) 1955,4085
Farnsworth Condominium (Salt Lake) 2556,3156
Fawn Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2669,2795
Featherstone [S] (Salt Lake) 1960,1629
Featherwood Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1817,3802
Federal-Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2634,1794
Feller Drive [S] (Davis) 2380,874
Ferreland Acres (Salt Lake) 2609,3241
Finlandia (Salt Lake) 2840,3420
Fireclay Plaza Condo (Salt Lake) 2274,2708
Fischner Phillips Condominium (Salt Lake) 2413,2859
Fisher Place (Salt Lake) 2326,3066
Flagstaff Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2337,3513
Flagstaff Farming [S] (Salt Lake) 2368,3509
Flamingo Hills (Salt Lake) 2800,2880
Flangas (Salt Lake) 863,2394
Flat Iron Mesa [S] (Salt Lake) 2582,3476
Florece [S] (Davis) 2463,426
Florence Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 2755,2717
Floribunda Heights (Salt Lake) 2844,2871
Folsons Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2121,1515
Fontaine Bleu (Salt Lake) 2595,3031
Fontaine Claire [S] (Salt Lake) 1968,3497
Foothill Acres [S] (Davis) 2485,646
Foothill Village (Salt Lake) 2725,2119
Foothill (Salt Lake) 2700,2105
Foothills (Salt Lake) 1350,4398
Forest Creek Cove (Salt Lake) 2659,3326
Forest Dale (Salt Lake) 2496,2348
Forest Park [S] (Davis) 2546,643
Fors (Salt Lake) 2597,2979
Fort Douglas (Salt Lake) 2721,1912
Fort Union Cove Condo (Salt Lake) 2368,3268
Fountain Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2186,2046
Four Seasons Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 1977,1927
Fox Fire [S] (Salt Lake) 2717,3600
Fox Hills (Salt Lake) 1648,3040
Fox Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 2755,3651
Fox Place Minor [S] (Salt Lake) 1990,3524
Fox Shadow [S] (Salt Lake) 1495,2423
Foxmoor [S] (Salt Lake) 2620,3938
Foxmoor Subdivision Number 2 (Salt Lake) 2709,4008
Foxs [S] (Salt Lake) 2248,2103
Franklin [S] (Salt Lake) 2190,2038
Franz [S] (Davis) 2412,856
Fraternity Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2660,1826
Free Country Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1661,2656
Freeman Butterfield [S] (Salt Lake) 1882,4230
Freestone Acres [S] (Davis) 2516,585
French Cort Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 2338,2741
Fritsch and Zulchs Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1833,1866
Frost [S] (Salt Lake) 1701,2710
Fuller Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2602,2710
Fur Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 2871,3722
Fyandale (Salt Lake) 2727,3250
G S Holmes Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1740,1954
Gabbotts Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2294,2146
Gables Condo (Salt Lake) 2416,3236
Gai Land Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1775,3162
Gale [S] (Davis) 2509,749
Garden Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2478,2727
Garden City Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1630,2265
Garden Grove [S] (Davis) 2187,1112
Garden Lot Addition (Salt Lake) 781,2373
Garden Towers Condominium (Salt Lake) 2346,1833
Gardiner Estates (Salt Lake) 1532,4387
Gardner Gardens (Salt Lake) 2352,3255
Garfield Junction (Salt Lake) 195,2163
Garfield (Salt Lake) 350,2184
Garth Warner [S] (Salt Lake) 2482,3656
Gateway Condominium (Salt Lake) 2326,1838
Gatewood Condo (Salt Lake) 2400,3576
Gay Sha Lor [S] (Salt Lake) 2510,3600
Geneva Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2206,2031
George T Sharp (Salt Lake) 2287,3337
Georgetown Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1829,3653
Georgetown at Westpointe [S] (Salt Lake) 1945,1523
Georgetown (Salt Lake) 1524,3045
Germania Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2155,2914
Geurts [S] (Salt Lake) 2018,1740
Gill [S] (Salt Lake) 2610,3178
Gingerbrook Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2610,3958
Glacier Mesa [S] (Salt Lake) 2843,3719
Glacio Park [S] (Salt Lake) 3044,3719
Glen Aire [S] (Salt Lake) 2020,2159
Glen Aire [S] (Salt Lake) 1840,4119
Glen Heather [S] (Salt Lake) 1116,2532
Glen Oaks [S] (Davis) 2540,682
Glendale [S] (Davis) 2442,619
Glendale Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2072,2035
Glendale Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2014,2080
Glendale Park North [S] (Salt Lake) 1978,1954
Glendale Park Plat A Central [S] (Salt Lake) 2023,2054
Glendale Park Plat A East [S] (Salt Lake) 2091,2088
Glendale Park Plat A West [S] (Salt Lake) 1967,2061
Glendale Park (Salt Lake) 1990,2176
Glenmoor Country Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1518,3646
Glenn [S] (Salt Lake) 2269,2040
Gold [S] (Davis) 2349,564
Gold Mine Acres Condominium (Davis) 2231,1076
Goldcrest [S] (Salt Lake) 2301,3651
Golden Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2293,3201
Golden Hill Canyon (Salt Lake) 2978,3539
Golden Hills (Salt Lake) 2955,3539
Golden Meadows [S] (Davis) 2157,852
Golden Oaks (Salt Lake) 2901,3558
Golden Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2060,1914
Golden West [S] (Davis) 2278,528
Golden Wood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2324,3678
Golf Course Estates [S] (Davis) 2585,935
Gordons South Lawn Addition (Salt Lake) 2281,2669
Governors Square Condominium (Salt Lake) 2289,1756
Graebers Post Office Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2063,1891
Granada Hills [S] (Davis) 2629,747
Grand View [S] (Salt Lake) 2469,1769
Grand View [S] (Salt Lake) 2481,1756
Grand-Dale Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1775,3144
Granduer Chalet [S] (Salt Lake) 2407,3406
Granduer Estates (Salt Lake) 2645,3268
Grandview Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2823,3656
Grandview Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2792,3660
Grange Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 1609,2678
Granger Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 1759,2494
Granger Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1714,2532
Granger Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1912,2491
Granger West [S] (Salt Lake) 1533,2409
Granger (Salt Lake) 1744,2515
Granite [S] (Salt Lake) 2265,2043
Granite Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 2812,3697
Granite Mesa [S] (Salt Lake) 2512,3521
Granite View Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2764,3748
Granite (Salt Lake) 2853,3711
Grant [S] (Salt Lake) 2259,3061
Great Westside [S] (Salt Lake) 2034,1872
Green Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2216,2518
Green Meadows [S] (Davis) 2452,536
Green Meadows Estates (Salt Lake) 922,2322
Green Meadows (Salt Lake) 2693,2825
Green Tree (Salt Lake) 1711,2833
Green Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 2430,2802
Green Willows [S] (Salt Lake) 2405,3662
Greenbriar Condominiums (Davis) 2169,1187
Greenbriar Mobile Home Park (Salt Lake) 1425,2416
Greenfield [S] (Salt Lake) 1907,4176
Greenfield Farms [S] (Salt Lake) 2171,4181
Greenfield Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2002,3511
Greenfield Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2630,3184
Greenland Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1733,4275
Greenwood Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2167,3043
Greenwood Circle (Salt Lake) 2311,3311
Greenwood Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2447,3503
Greenwood Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2307,3573
Grover Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1822,4050
Halelani (Salt Lake) 2322,3285
Halelea (Salt Lake) 2384,3316
Hall Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1905,1755
Hall View [S] (Salt Lake) 1748,2732
Halls Fifth Avenue Condominium (Salt Lake) 2471,1792
Hamilton Acres (Salt Lake) 1851,4271
Hamilton Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1890,4309
Hamilton Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2447,2710
Hamiltons [S] (Salt Lake) 2066,2066
Hansen [S] (Salt Lake) 2804,3977
Hanson [S] (Salt Lake) 1986,1739
Happy Acres [S] (Davis) 2405,820
Happy Valley (Salt Lake) 1871,3089
Harbor Heights [S] (Davis) 2371,1049
Harmony Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 1485,2551
Harrisonwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1678,2769
Harvard Park (Salt Lake) 2484,3473
Harvel Park Condo (Salt Lake) 2333,3364
Harvest Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1823,3174
Harvest Lane Condo (Salt Lake) 2405,3542
Harvest Park Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1586,2549
Harvestland Estates Condo (Salt Lake) 1846,2727
Harvestland Estates (Salt Lake) 1860,2727
Haslam Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1428,2568
Haven Grove (Salt Lake) 2613,3084
Haven Place (Salt Lake) 2789,2940
Hawarden Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1715,2700
Hawarden Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1714,2660
Hawkwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2431,3948
Haynes Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1325,2280
Hazelhurst (Salt Lake) 1783,3023
Heather Circle (Salt Lake) 2836,2991
Heather Glen Condo (Salt Lake) 1858,2735
Heatherglen (Salt Lake) 1858,2740
Heatherwood [S] (Salt Lake) 1896,3181
Heaths Blocks 39 and 40 (Salt Lake) 2120,1892
Hector Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1684,2748
Hector Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1915,2467
Hector Park Condominium (Salt Lake) 1887,2472
Hector Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1448,2760
Helm [S] (Salt Lake) 2722,3150
Helm Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1642,2760
Heritage Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1765,3832
Heritage Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 2325,3641
Herrick [S] (Salt Lake) 2286,2138
Herriman (Salt Lake) 1229,4219
Heughs Canyon (Salt Lake) 2926,3082
Hew-Wood Estates (Salt Lake) 1889,2948
Hi Country Estates (Salt Lake) 953,4284
Hickory Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 2665,4015
Hickory Valley Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2626,4001
Hidden Cove Number 2 (Salt Lake) 2053,2833
Hidden Cove Number 3 (Salt Lake) 2043,2806
Hidden Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2669,4159
Hidden Lake Condominium (Salt Lake) 2493,2806
Hidden Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2564,3410
Hidden Oak Estates (Salt Lake) 2913,3535
Hidden Oaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2700,4029
Hidden Valley Country Club Estates (Salt Lake) 2565,4077
Hidden Valley Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2547,4027
Hidden Valley Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2540,4035
Hidden Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2383,3203
Higate Hamlet [S] (Salt Lake) 1221,2525
High Avenue [S] (Salt Lake) 1981,2134
High Danish Condominium (Salt Lake) 2868,3421
High Pointe [S] (Davis) 2647,934
Highland Drive Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2597,2683
Highland Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1181,2519
Highland Orchard Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2613,2689
Highland Park Addition (Salt Lake) 2039,1885
Highland Park Magna (Salt Lake) 725,2387
Highland (Salt Lake) 760,2412
Highland (Utah) 3075,4877
Highlands of Hidden Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 2769,4028
Highlands (Davis) 2276,1146
Hill Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2384,2708
Hill Gate (Salt Lake) 779,2436
Hillborough Heights (Salt Lake) 2740,3669
Hillcrest [S] (Davis) 2492,435
Hillcrest Heights (Salt Lake) 2454,3341
Hillcrest Park (Salt Lake) 2317,3050
Hillhaven Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2801,3953
Hillsborough Estates (Salt Lake) 2899,3419
Hillsdale [S] (Salt Lake) 1774,2455
Hillsdale [S] (Davis) 2453,599
Hillsdale Twin Homes [S] (Salt Lake) 1722,2459
Hillsden Addition (Salt Lake) 2802,2948
Hillshire [S] (Salt Lake) 2757,3769
Hillside [S] (Davis) 2501,623
Hillside Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2322,2932
Hillside Gardens [S] (Davis) 2214,1181
Hillside Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2324,2940
Hillside Manor [S] (Salt Lake) 2317,2971
Hillside Oaks [S] (Davis) 2293,1167
Hillside Townhouse Condominium (Salt Lake) 2321,1793
Hillside Village (Salt Lake) 2765,3214
Hilltop [S] (Davis) 2510,773
Hilltop [S] (Salt Lake) 2558,3973
Hilltop Gardens [S] (Davis) 2517,763
Hillwest [S] (Davis) 2306,521
Hilton Villa (Salt Lake) 2493,3073
Hirsch [S] (Salt Lake) 2292,3167
Hoffman Heights Numbes 12 and 13 (Salt Lake) 1544,2969
Hoffman Heights (Salt Lake) 1462,2860
Hogan Park [S] (Davis) 2242,831
Holbrook [S] (Davis) 2394,647
Holbrook Heights [S] (Davis) 2511,825
Holiday Center Addition (Salt Lake) 2633,2823
Holladay Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2651,2800
Holladay Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2635,2752
Holladay Creek Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2635,2794
Holladay East [S] (Salt Lake) 2880,2785
Holladay Edgehill (Salt Lake) 2791,2924
Holladay Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2699,2778
Holladay Gardens (Salt Lake) 2799,2906
Holladay Grove (Salt Lake) 2598,2848
Holladay Haven Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2643,2794
Holladay Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2731,2687
Holladay Highlands Three (Salt Lake) 2847,2976
Holladay Highlands (Salt Lake) 2833,2954
Holladay Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2867,2748
Holladay Manor [S] (Salt Lake) 2769,2788
Holladay Meadows Condominium (Salt Lake) 2775,2858
Holladay Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2698,2809
Holladay Pines Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2651,2789
Holladay Villa Homes Condominium (Salt Lake) 2749,2826
Holladay Village Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2737,2758
Holladay (Salt Lake) 2747,2805
Holland [S] (Salt Lake) 2267,2111
Holly Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2430,3079
Holly Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2706,3754
Holman [S] (Salt Lake) 2497,2754
Holmberg [S] (Salt Lake) 1769,2526
Holmes Estates [S] (Davis) 2508,741
Holmes and Hendersons [S] (Salt Lake) 1946,1845
Homestead Condominium (Davis) 2372,533
Homestead Court [S] (Salt Lake) 2293,2910
Homestead Court [S] (Salt Lake) 2427,3048
Homestead Estates (Salt Lake) 1820,4333
Homestead Farms [S] (Salt Lake) 1922,2554
Honeywood Cove (Salt Lake) 2965,3382
Honeywood Hills (Salt Lake) 2950,3376
Hopkins Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1481,2570
Horizon Circle (Salt Lake) 2877,3238
Horizon (Salt Lake) 1607,3024
Horne [S] (Salt Lake) 2095,1727
Horsely [S] (Davis) 2357,1062
Horsely Circle [S] (Davis) 2470,816
Hot Springs [S] (Salt Lake) 2097,1439
Howard Estates [S] (Davis) 2597,684
Howe (Salt Lake) 2456,2988
Huff Acres (Salt Lake) 2491,2887
Huffaker (Salt Lake) 2476,2850
Huish [S] (Salt Lake) 2453,3368
Hummingbird [S] (Salt Lake) 2510,3571
Hunter Farmes [S] (Salt Lake) 1346,2477
Hunter Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1393,2622
Hunter Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 1427,2662
Hunter Stake [S] (Salt Lake) 1406,2769
Hunter Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 1314,2617
Hunter (Salt Lake) 1363,2501
Hunters [S] (Salt Lake) 2247,2040
Hunters Woods Condo (Salt Lake) 2172,2825
Huntington Place [S] (Salt Lake) 1492,2591
Huntsman Plat A (Salt Lake) 2898,3859
Hyland Lake (Salt Lake) 2491,3031
Idas Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2558,3973
Indian Springs Estates [S] (Davis) 2467,1078
Indian Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1685,2665
Indian Village South (Salt Lake) 1701,2901
Indian Village (Salt Lake) 1421,2932
Indian Wells [S] (Salt Lake) 2420,2882
Ingersoll Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1737,1389
International Gardens (Salt Lake) 2655,2996
Irfred Park [S] (Davis) 2285,1044
Irving Park Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1978,1886
Island View [S] (Davis) 2515,598
J Hill Johnson [S] (Davis) 2311,809
J and S Subdivision [S] (Salt Lake) 2550,2695
Jackson Condominium (Salt Lake) 2258,1862
Jackson Park Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2160,1734
Jamestown (Salt Lake) 2584,3083
Jefferson Place Condominium (Salt Lake) 2126,3583
Jefferson Street [S] (Salt Lake) 2270,2054
Jenkins Orchard [S] (Davis) 2253,1056
Jennings North Salt Lake [S] (Salt Lake) 2053,1623
Jensen [S] (Davis) 2543,659
Jensen Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 1596,2673
Jeremy (Salt Lake) 2654,3091
Jo Lynn [S] (Salt Lake) 2719,2742
Johnson [S] (Salt Lake) 2437,3048
Johnson Anderson [S] (Salt Lake) 1862,4591
Johnsons (Salt Lake) 2825,3245
Johnsonville (Salt Lake) 2706,3066
Johnsonway [S] (Salt Lake) 2411,3484
Jolley [S] (Salt Lake) 2607,3987
Jones [S] (Salt Lake) 2039,1885
Jonesdale [S] (Salt Lake) 1313,2536
Jordan Addition (Salt Lake) 2042,1846
Jordan Green [S] (Salt Lake) 2074,2205
Jordan Hills Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1956,3989
Jordan Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2144,2071
Jordan Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2073,1951
Jordan Point [S] (Salt Lake) 2565,3996
Jordan View Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1755,3504
Jordan Village (Salt Lake) 2343,3443
Jordan (Salt Lake) 1809,4369
Judge Holbrook [S] (Davis) 2414,647
Juniper [S] (Salt Lake) 2573,2701
Kabis and Myers [S] (Salt Lake) 2034,1649
Kashmir (Salt Lake) 1982,2977
Kearns (Salt Lake) 1529,2854
Keil Number 1 (Salt Lake) 1925,3056
Keil Number 2 (Salt Lake) 1918,3035
Keith W Fullmer [S] (Salt Lake) 1747,2439
Kellgreen Acres (Salt Lake) 2562,3075
Kelsey and Gillespie [S] (Salt Lake) 2085,1883
Kenwood Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 2380,3509
Kester [S] (Salt Lake) 2314,3874
Ketchum [S] (Salt Lake) 1147,2371
Kevinwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1461,2587
Killyons (Salt Lake) 3571,1658
Kimball Condominium (Salt Lake) 2309,1819
Kimballs [S] (Salt Lake) 2153,1974
Kimber Estates (Salt Lake) 2602,3340
Kimberly Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 1116,2582
Kimberly Park (Salt Lake) 2522,3042
King Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 1184,2624
Kings Row [S] (Salt Lake) 1989,2629
Kings Row Manor Condominium (Salt Lake) 1961,2639
Kingsgate (Salt Lake) 1615,2890
Kinney Estates (Salt Lake) 2016,4035
Kinney and Gourlays Improved City Plat (Salt Lake) 2130,1613
Kinneys Copper Plant [S] (Salt Lake) 1991,1504
Kino Heights (Salt Lake) 2819,3336
Kirkhaven [S] (Davis) 2343,650
Klenkes Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2123,2251
Knight [S] (Salt Lake) 2792,2733
Knollwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2029,3538
Knudsens Corner (Salt Lake) 2827,3098
Kopper View Mobile Home Park (Salt Lake) 1104,2354
Krista Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2703,2749
L Marlene Villa [S] (Davis) 2418,417
LKC Development (Salt Lake) 2153,3935
LKC Jordan View Estates (Salt Lake) 2097,3946
LPT Condominium (Davis) 2175,1064
La Barranca [S] (Salt Lake) 2715,3370
La Cresta Park (Salt Lake) 2681,3183
La Dore [S] (Salt Lake) 2432,2736
La Grange Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1649,2415
La Joya Heoghts [S] (Salt Lake) 2834,2721
La Rae Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2674,3900
LaSalle Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2151,3058
LaVista Park [S] (Davis) 2449,672
Lago Vista Circle [S] (Davis) 2580,751
Lakato Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1447,2456
Lake Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1936,2342
Lake Pines Apartment Condominium (Salt Lake) 2453,2836
Lake Ridge (Salt Lake) 1002,2471
Lake View [S] (Salt Lake) 2208,1636
Lakeside [S] (Salt Lake) 1837,2439
Lakeview Condominiums of Bountiful (Davis) 2351,708
Lakeview Estates [S] (Davis) 2289,1180
Lakeview Park [S] (Davis) 2413,880
Lakeview Terrace [S] (Davis) 2616,810
Lakeview Terrace Condominium (Davis) 2621,820
Lakewood (Salt Lake) 2591,2963
Lampton Farms [S] (Salt Lake) 2007,3668
Lampton (Salt Lake) 2174,3825
Landings at Riverbend [S] (Salt Lake) 2057,2906
Landon Village (Salt Lake) 2409,3338
Lane Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1783,4028
Langford [S] (Salt Lake) 1878,4031
Langton Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2113,1769
Lark [H] (Salt Lake) 783,4103
Larsen Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1286,2585
Larsen Heights [S] (Davis) 2487,775
Larson [S] (Salt Lake) 2283,2234
Laura Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2431,2838
Laurel Chase Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1924,4150
Laurel Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2340,3540
Laurel Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 1573,3596
Lawrence Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1889,3652
Layrelwood Estates (Salt Lake) 2635,2993
Lazy Bar (Salt Lake) 2756,3182
Le Cheminant (Salt Lake) 744,2340
Le Mar Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1749,1908
Leavitt Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2088,3912
Ledgewood [S] (Salt Lake) 1871,3099
Lee Ann [S] (Salt Lake) 1735,2486
Lehi (Utah) 2487,5410
Lehman [S] (Salt Lake) 1763,2536
Lemontree Condominium (Davis) 2437,606
Lewis Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1857,4478
Lexington Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2524,3919
Lexington Village Old Farm Condominium (Salt Lake) 2418,2678
Liberty [S] (Salt Lake) 2243,3068
Liberty Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2245,2472
Lincoln Addition (Salt Lake) 776,2341
Lincoln Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2673,2706
Lincoln Manor Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2633,2724
Lincoln Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2095,2219
Lincoln Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2097,2200
Linda Loma Acres [S] (Davis) 2351,949
Linden Circle (Salt Lake) 2700,3066
Lindsey Circle Condominium (Salt Lake) 2485,1748
Linford Acres (Salt Lake) 1418,2892
Litson [S] (Salt Lake) 2404,3107
Little Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2392,2711
Little Cottonwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2976,3707
Little Cottonwood Creek Valley (Salt Lake) 2696,3411
Little Cottonwood East [S] (Salt Lake) 3017,3711
Little Cottonwood Valley (Salt Lake) 2540,3318
Little Mountain Canyon Condominium (Salt Lake) 3511,1740
Little Mountain (Salt Lake) 3507,1748
Little Trieste (Salt Lake) 1737,2839
Little Willow Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2279,3787
Little Willow (Salt Lake) 2289,3813
Little Willow (Salt Lake) 2910,3504
Lobo [S] (Salt Lake) 2431,3472
Locust Grove [S] (Salt Lake) 2708,2794
Log Haven [S] (Salt Lake) 1871,2628
Lois (Salt Lake) 2402,3314
Loma Lee Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2025,2169
Lone Peak Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2431,3917
Longview Acres (Salt Lake) 2372,3106
Loredell (Salt Lake) 2819,2907
Lornadale (Salt Lake) 2626,2996
Lost Eden [S] (Salt Lake) 2488,3861
Lundon Street Condo (Salt Lake) 2393,3219
Lynch and Glassmans [S] (Salt Lake) 2133,1754
Lynnhaven [S] (Davis) 2356,753
Lynwood Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1590,2460
Maach Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2138,1526
Mac Sweeney Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1363,2697
Madsen [S] (Salt Lake) 2116,2083
Magna Addition (Salt Lake) 773,2375
Magna Manors (Salt Lake) 748,2411
Magna Mill (Salt Lake) 653,2309
Magna (Salt Lake) 799,2368
Magnolia West [S] (Salt Lake) 1676,3175
Main Street Island View [S] (Davis) 2410,521
Majestic Acres (Salt Lake) 1060,2562
Majestic Canyon Estates (Salt Lake) 2868,3759
Majestic Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 1920,4017
Majestic Grove (Salt Lake) 1026,2514
Majestic Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1733,3844
Majestic Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2907,2702
Majestic View [S] (Salt Lake) 2846,3685
Majestic Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2106,2918
Major [S] (Davis) 2499,490
Mallard [S] (Salt Lake) 1464,2525
Mandalay Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2510,2566
Mandolin Condominium (Salt Lake) 2402,1835
Manna Acres [S] (Davis) 2195,808
Manor Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2588,2727
Mantyla (Salt Lake) 2035,2858
Manuela [S] (Salt Lake) 2841,2756
Maple City (Salt Lake) 3402,1855
Maple Cove [S] (Davis) 2634,1001
Maple Crest [S] (Davis) 2579,780
Maple Glen [S] (Davis) 2471,774
Maple Hills [S] (Davis) 2609,914
Maple Hills Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2697,3867
Maple Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1832,2470
Maple Springs [S] (Davis) 2472,973
Maplewood Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1210,1792
Mar Vian [S] (Salt Lake) 2532,2681
Mar Vista [S] (Davis) 2433,967
Marblewood [S] (Salt Lake) 1856,4305
Margarethe (Salt Lake) 3424,1340
Marian Meadows (Salt Lake) 1910,2831
Marion Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2407,3411
Marlinda West [S] (Davis) 2210,660
Marlow [S] (Davis) 2487,686
Marmalade Condominium (Salt Lake) 2292,1772
Marsden [S] (Salt Lake) 1907,1776
Martin Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1191,2595
Martins [S] (Salt Lake) 2103,1913
Maryan Estates [S] (Davis) 2237,867
Mathews [S] (Salt Lake) 2370,3064
Mathieu Place Condominium (Salt Lake) 2727,3367
Mavis [S] (Salt Lake) 1558,2480
Maxfield [S] (Salt Lake) 1926,3671
Mayfield [S] (Salt Lake) 2367,3572
Mayflower Condominium (Salt Lake) 2565,1850
Maywood Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2935,2703
McCormick (Salt Lake) 2543,3276
McDonald Condo (Salt Lake) 2317,3455
McIntyre Building Condominium (Salt Lake) 2298,1861
McKeages [S] (Salt Lake) 2033,2120
McKean Estates [S] (Davis) 2203,612
McLaines Mountain (Salt Lake) 2977,3435
McMillan Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2345,3035
Mead Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2068,2048
Meado Green [S] (Salt Lake) 1915,4097
Meadow Brook Estates Condominium (Davis) 2373,651
Meadow Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 2599,3921
Meadow Crossing [S] (Davis) 2148,891
Meadow Green (Salt Lake) 1999,2674
Meadow Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1646,2711
Meadow Heights Numbers 2-4 [S] (Salt Lake) 1684,2691
Meadow Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 1997,3603
Meadow Manor [S] (Salt Lake) 1917,4050
Meadow Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1700,2665
Meadow Springs [S] (Davis) 2417,393
Meadow Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 1727,2488
Meadow Valley Condominium (Salt Lake) 1725,2485
Meadow View (Salt Lake) 1490,3004
Meadow Wood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1694,2560
Meadowbrook Acres [S] (Davis) 2361,659
Meadowbrook Corners (Salt Lake) 2001,2687
Meadowbrook Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1770,4352
Meadowbrook Farms (Salt Lake) 1988,2710
Meadowbrook Valley (Salt Lake) 1995,2700
Meadowbrook Village Condo (Salt Lake) 2037,2714
Meadowgate [S] (Salt Lake) 1626,2663
Meadowlane [S] (Davis) 2356,826
Meadowlark [S] (Salt Lake) 2687,4008
Meadowmont [S] (Davis) 2331,954
Meadowridge [S] (Salt Lake) 1802,3597
Meadowview Heights Number 4 (Salt Lake) 1454,3016
Mechling and Fleming [S] (Salt Lake) 1796,1870
Medallion Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 1858,4326
Medical Drive Condominium (Davis) 2507,762
Mellen [S] (Salt Lake) 2143,2105
Melody Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1752,2646
Melrose Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 1661,2481
Menlove Estates [S] (Davis) 2435,1035
Merry Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 1397,2483
Merrywood (Salt Lake) 3567,2325
Merton Park (Salt Lake) 808,2387
Mervilla Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2724,2789
Mid Avenues Condominium (Salt Lake) 2468,1798
Midland Court Condominium (Salt Lake) 2758,2845
Midland Five Acre Plat [S] (Salt Lake) 1978,1422
Midvale Terrace (Salt Lake) 2478,3321
Midvale (Salt Lake) 2198,3334
Midvalley Estates (Salt Lake) 2411,3325
Midvalley Manors [S] (Salt Lake) 2235,3497
Midvalley Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2001,3538
Midvalley (Salt Lake) 2285,3323
Midwest Estates (Salt Lake) 1751,2811
Miera Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1543,2522
Miles and Hamiltons Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2008,1886
Mill Creek Heights [S] (Davis) 2487,919
Millard (Salt Lake) 2648,3248
Millcreek (Salt Lake) 2392,2625
Miller Calioon Addition (Salt Lake) 2267,2794
Millerama View [S] (Salt Lake) 1756,2724
Millerberg (Salt Lake) 2320,3356
Millrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2414,2825
Mills Heights (Salt Lake) 1826,2944
Milo (Salt Lake) 2796,2870
Mingo Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2367,3548
Miraleste [S] (Davis) 2306,866
Misty Hills Numbers 1-7 (Salt Lake) 1524,3026
Misty Hills Numbers 8-10 (Salt Lake) 1586,3086
Misty Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2108,2863
Mon de Ville Condominium (Salt Lake) 2426,1835
Monarch Hills [S] (Davis) 2308,1084
Monroe Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 1557,2449
Montana Ranchos [S] (Salt Lake) 2638,3608
Monte Bello Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2767,3691
Monte Carlo Condominium (Salt Lake) 2606,3045
Monte Cristo Condo (Salt Lake) 2648,3106
Morningside Cove (Salt Lake) 2002,2909
Morton Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1932,1709
Moss [S] (Davis) 2263,1001
Moss Hill [S] (Davis) 2606,783
Moss Hill Drive [S] (Davis) 2629,750
Mount Aire (Salt Lake) 3523,2287
Mount Athena [S] (Salt Lake) 2879,2793
Mount Athena Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2875,2796
Mount Jordan Addition (Salt Lake) 2342,3600
Mount Jordan Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2278,3585
Mount Jordan Mesa [S] (Salt Lake) 2545,3658
Mount Lebannon Acres [S] (Davis) 2479,272
Mount Majestic Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2522,3987
Mount Olympus Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2988,2710
Mount Olympus Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 3050,2746
Mount Olympus Gardens Condominium (Salt Lake) 2450,2930
Mount Olympus Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2983,2759
Mount Olympus Park [S] (Salt Lake) 3061,2707
Mount Olympus (Salt Lake) 3007,2655
Mount Vernon Cove Condominium (Salt Lake) 2413,2791
Mount View [S] (Davis) 2478,683
Mount Vista (Salt Lake) 1885,3084
Mountain Aire [S] (Davis) 2380,934
Mountain Breeze [S] (Salt Lake) 2407,3471
Mountain Dell Park (Salt Lake) 3805,1565
Mountain Estates (Salt Lake) 2915,3354
Mountain Men Estates (Salt Lake) 1360,2859
Mountain Park [S] (Davis) 2561,714
Mountain Top Park (Salt Lake) 3622,1567
Mountain Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 2997,3708
Mountain View Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1765,3570
Mountain View Estates Numbers 23,24,25,26 (Salt Lake) 1961,4227
Mountain View Estates (Salt Lake) 2304,3683
Mountain View Orchard Heights (Salt Lake) 2467,2902
Mountain View Park Condo (Salt Lake) 2042,2751
Mountain View Subdivision Number 10 (Salt Lake) 1796,4133
Mountain View Subdivision Number 11 (Salt Lake) 1796,4133
Mountain View Subdivision Number 12 (Salt Lake) 1796,4133
Mountain View Subdivision Number 13 (Salt Lake) 1796,4133
Mountains Meadows (Davis) 2271,1135
Moyal Anderson [S] (Salt Lake) 1878,4497
Mueller Heights [S] (Davis) 2448,907
Murray Burton Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2344,3058
Murray Condominium (Salt Lake) 2385,3156
Murray Dale [S] (Salt Lake) 2344,3118
Murray Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2316,3000
Murray Heights East Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2334,3000
Murray Hill Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2324,2788
Murray Manor [S] (Salt Lake) 2326,2736
Murray Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2362,2787
Murray Oakes [S] (Salt Lake) 2117,3026
Murray Park Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 2391,2934
Murray (Salt Lake) 2298,2811
Muscatine Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2101,2057
Nalani (Salt Lake) 2647,3085
Nash (Salt Lake) 2000,4801
Nathan Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2722,2791
Nelhoca Place [S] (Davis) 2272,881
Nelson [S] (Davis) 2473,861
New Castle [S] (Salt Lake) 1635,3482
New England Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2049,2094
New England Condominium (Salt Lake) 2426,1825
New London [S] (Salt Lake) 2246,2103
New Rose Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1949,1537
Newport [S] (Davis) 2343,792
Newport Heights [S] (Davis) 2446,1103
Newport Heights Condominium (Davis) 2435,1106
Newton [S] (Salt Lake) 1163,2536
Newtopia Acres (Salt Lake) 2775,3282
Nicoletti Drive (Salt Lake) 2279,3258
Nielson [S] (Salt Lake) 2425,2838
Noall [S] (Salt Lake) 2270,1794
Nobhill [S] (Salt Lake) 2440,1757
Normandy [S] (Salt Lake) 2268,2962
Normandy Mobile Homes Estates (Salt Lake) 1909,3077
Normandy Park [S] (Davis) 2429,867
Normikemark Estates (Salt Lake) 2805,2919
North Bonneville [S] (Salt Lake) 2527,1684
North Canyon Estates [S] (Davis) 2501,1102
North Canyon Heights [S] (Davis) 2378,971
North Columbia [S] (Salt Lake) 2285,2093
North Crest Park Condominium (Salt Lake) 2407,1743
North End [S] (Salt Lake) 2397,1756
North Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2430,1676
North Hillsdale [S] (Davis) 2455,585
North Holladay [S] (Salt Lake) 2696,2738
North Park [S] (Davis) 2486,586
North Point Cove [S] (Davis) 2437,1077
North Ridge [S] (Davis) 2449,661
North Salt Lake (Davis) 2213,1097
North Shadow Mountain Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2841,2816
North Temple Street [S] (Salt Lake) 2112,1827
Northcrest [S] (Salt Lake) 2487,1683
Northern Hills [S] (Davis) 2585,636
Northpoint Estates Condominium (Salt Lake) 2389,1685
Northridge Heights Condominium (Salt Lake) 2427,1791
Northwood [S] (Salt Lake) 1977,1710
Northwood Estates (Salt Lake) 1735,2980
Nottingham Moor [S] (Salt Lake) 1850,3148
Nutree West (Salt Lake) 2894,3262
Oak Creek Hills (Salt Lake) 2905,3407
Oak Hills [S] (Davis) 2447,949
Oak Way [S] (Davis) 2455,863
Oak at Wasatch Place (Salt Lake) 2942,3447
Oakcliff Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2941,2777
Oakcliff Park Two (Salt Lake) 2916,2831
Oakcreek Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2773,3413
Oakcrest [S] (Davis) 2463,1085
Oakcrest (Salt Lake) 2745,3104
Oakdale [S] (Salt Lake) 2078,1716
Oakdale (Salt Lake) 2625,3011
Oakeson Villa (Salt Lake) 1727,2902
Oakhaven Park [S] (Davis) 2447,928
Oakhaven Village [S] (Davis) 2453,876
Oakland Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2288,2339
Oakleaf (Davis) 2283,1115
Oakley [S] (Salt Lake) 2007,1638
Oakley Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2014,1664
Oakridge Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2789,3686
Oakridge Manor [S] (Davis) 2545,936
Oakview Estates Subdivision Number 1 (Salt Lake) 2842,3355
Oakview Estates Subdivision Numbers 2,3 and 4 (Salt Lake) 2921,3328
Oakvista Park [S] (Davis) 2485,981
Oakwood Acres (Salt Lake) 2607,3011
Oakwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2583,3434
Oakwood One and Three [S] (Salt Lake) 2114,1743
Oakwood Park Condo (Salt Lake) 2409,3521
Oakwood Two [S] (Salt Lake) 2090,1753
Odell Acres [S] (Davis) 2206,1136
Old Colony (Salt Lake) 2845,2881
Old Farm Estates (Davis) 2292,584
Olivers (Salt Lake) 2000,4521
Olympus Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2774,2696
Olympus Shadows Estates (Salt Lake) 2872,2992
Olympus View Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2841,2701
Olympus View (Salt Lake) 2548,3041
Ontario [S] (Salt Lake) 2225,2052
Oquirlane (Salt Lake) 888,2473
Oquirrh Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1747,4179
Oquirrh Hills Office Building Condo (Salt Lake) 1601,2890
Oquirrh Hills Subdivision 2-4 (Salt Lake) 814,2442
Oquirrh Hills Subdivision 5, 6, 8 and 9 (Salt Lake) 844,2474
Oquirrh Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 844,2372
Oquirrh Shadows (Salt Lake) 1392,3109
Oquirrh (Salt Lake) 1256,3123
Orchard Acres [S] (Davis) 2235,1090
Orchard Corners Condominium (Davis) 2255,1122
Orchard Country Woods Condo (Salt Lake) 2480,3266
Orchard Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2736,2708
Orchard Heights [S] (Davis) 2541,745
Orchard Hills [S] (Davis) 2234,1189
Orchard Hills East [S] (Davis) 2298,1217
Orchard Park [S] (Davis) 2449,881
Orchard Place [S] (Davis) 2427,959
Orchard View [S] (Salt Lake) 1076,2481
Orchard View [S] (Davis) 2462,384
Orson Ellis [S] (Davis) 2282,863
Oxford Manor Condominium (Salt Lake) 2349,1833
Pacific Grove [S] (Salt Lake) 2008,1933
Packlynn [S] (Davis) 2487,683
Panorama [S] (Davis) 2484,304
Panorama [S] (Salt Lake) 2384,1706
Panorama Acres [S] (Davis) 2467,939
Panorama Apartments Condominium (Salt Lake) 2308,1772
Paradise Hills [S] (Davis) 2480,887
Paradise Park (Salt Lake) 2480,2916
Paramount Park (Salt Lake) 1557,2996
Park Avenue [S] (Salt Lake) 1917,4184
Park Central [S] (Salt Lake) 2575,2683
Park Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 2693,3730
Park Heights Condo (Salt Lake) 1675,2845
Park Heights (Salt Lake) 1675,2848
Park Meadow Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1705,3183
Park Place (Salt Lake) 2586,2997
Park Ridge Estates (Salt Lake) 2663,3266
Park Rose [S] (Salt Lake) 1939,1665
Park View [S] (Davis) 2382,801
Park Wood (Salt Lake) 1408,3028
Parkcrest [S] (Salt Lake) 2534,2695
Parkway One [S] (Salt Lake) 2025,2175
Parkway Two and Three [S] (Salt Lake) 2008,2169
Parrish Heights [S] (Davis) 2448,405
Parrish Park [S] (Davis) 2393,411
Patterson Addition Magna (Salt Lake) 772,2412
Paul [S] (Davis) 2201,1086
Paul [S] (Salt Lake) 2551,2711
Paulsen Acres (Salt Lake) 1991,3001
Peach Blossom Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2452,3621
Peach Grove Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1994,2114
Peach Tree Condominium (Davis) 2409,697
Peachwood [S] (Salt Lake) 1693,2636
Pearson [S] (Salt Lake) 2667,3939
Pebble Glen [S] (Salt Lake) 2431,3592
Pebble Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2477,3504
Pebble Springs Estates (Salt Lake) 2530,3317
Pedersen [S] (Salt Lake) 2351,2964
Pedersen [S] (Davis) 2267,1070
Peony Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2737,2802
Pepper Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2415,3458
Pepperidge (Salt Lake) 2339,3247
Pepperwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2761,3913
Pepperwood Canyon [S] (Salt Lake) 2818,3915
Pepperwood Terrace (Salt Lake) 2825,3962
Perry [S] (Salt Lake) 2246,3506
Perrys Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 2553,1708
Persimmon Tree (Salt Lake) 2958,3408
Peruvian Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2549,3480
Peruvian Park (Salt Lake) 2582,3476
Petersen Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1549,2585
Pheasant Hollow (Salt Lake) 2541,2852
Pheasantbrook [S] (Davis) 2420,365
Pheasantridge Estates [S] (Davis) 2619,697
Phipps Condominium (Davis) 2374,683
Phoenician Gardens (Salt Lake) 2578,3282
Phylden [S] (Salt Lake) 2759,2798
Pine Cove East (Salt Lake) 2936,3282
Pine Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 2665,4007
Pine Hill [S] (Salt Lake) 2437,2846
Pine Mountain (Salt Lake) 2866,3209
Pinecrest (Salt Lake) 3489,1470
Pinegrove Estates (Salt Lake) 2925,3467
Pioneer Addition (Salt Lake) 3219,1879
Pioneer Estates (Salt Lake) 1881,2901
Pitford Acres [S] (Davis) 2386,521
Pitts [S] (Salt Lake) 2149,1956
Placid Cove [S] (Davis) 2377,500
Platt [S] (Salt Lake) 2678,3926
Plaza Condominiums (Salt Lake) 1763,4470
Pleasant [S] (Davis) 2416,943
Pleasant Green Acres Subdivision 3-9 (Salt Lake) 881,2449
Pleasant Green Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 856,2430
Pleasant Green Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1741,4331
Pleasant Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 1222,2426
Pleasant View Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1870,3125
Pleasure Acres (Salt Lake) 2343,3226
Plum Tree Condominium (Davis) 2310,1052
Plymouth View (Salt Lake) 1947,2848
Polaris Gardens Condominium (Salt Lake) 2364,1789
Polaris Gardens (Salt Lake) 1339,2903
Ponderosa Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2715,3655
Ponderosa Estates (Salt Lake) 2462,3331
Ponderosa Hill (Salt Lake) 1745,2952
Ponderosa Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2427,3383
Pondoray Park (Salt Lake) 2684,3243
Poplar Grove Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2026,1992
Poplar Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2045,1961
Popperton Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2586,1824
Potawatomi [S] (Salt Lake) 2442,4351
Powderwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1241,2625
Powell Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2779,2775
Powell Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1898,3665
Pratts [S] (Salt Lake) 2481,1769
Prestige Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2357,3171
Probe [S] (Salt Lake) 2473,3656
Progress (Salt Lake) 957,2198
Prospect Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1970,2165
Prospector Hills (Salt Lake) 2990,3330
Prowswood Plaza Condominium (Salt Lake) 2472,2845
Pueblo Del Montana [S] (Salt Lake) 1862,4240
Purple Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 1634,3475
Putnam Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2414,3086
Quad (Salt Lake) 3243,1858
Quail Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 2760,3612
Quail Point [S] (Salt Lake) 2510,3584
Quail Valley [S] (Salt Lake) 2719,3501
Quail Valley Subdivision Number 3 (Salt Lake) 2757,3507
Quailbrook [S] (Davis) 2612,655
Quailbrook East Condominium (Salt Lake) 2484,2793
Quailstone (Salt Lake) 1887,2817
Quayles Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2284,2193
R and M Acres (Salt Lake) 1973,3105
Racquet Club Drive Condo (Salt Lake) 2972,3291
Racquet Club Row (Salt Lake) 2966,3293
Rainbow Hills [S] (Davis) 2433,951
Raintree East [S] (Salt Lake) 2428,3006
Raintree Equestrian Community Condo (Salt Lake) 2727,3663
Raintree Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2701,3670
Ramanee (Salt Lake) 2293,3271
Ranchfield [S] (Salt Lake) 2506,2754
Randall Way [S] (Davis) 2464,523
Raynor Acres [S] (Davis) 2435,666
Rebecca Meadows Condo (Salt Lake) 1868,3214
Recondo Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2557,3452
Redwood Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 1987,2286
Redwood Villa (Salt Lake) 1916,2904
Redwood Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1891,2459
Redwood Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 1920,2564
Redwood (Salt Lake) 1949,2364
Reed [S] (Davis) 2590,749
Reich Ranches [S] (Salt Lake) 2450,3629
Reindeer Hills (Salt Lake) 2919,3273
Remington Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2187,2080
Remington Place (Salt Lake) 1864,2709
Rene [S] (Salt Lake) 1612,2450
Revella Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1229,2583
Reynolds (Salt Lake) 826,2382
Richland [S] (Salt Lake) 2236,2173
Richland Two [S] (Salt Lake) 2041,2167
Ridge Creek [S] (Salt Lake) 2371,3009
Ridge Point [S] (Salt Lake) 2750,3455
Ridge Point [S] (Salt Lake) 2501,4021
Ridge Road (Salt Lake) 2825,2980
Ridge View Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2448,4009
Ridgecrest [S] (Salt Lake) 2036,3761
Ridgecrest [S] (Salt Lake) 2564,3554
Ridgecrest Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2055,3717
Ridgeland Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1698,2351
Ridgeland Downs Condominium (Salt Lake) 1687,2385
Ridges of Summer Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2653,3541
Ridgeview Estates [S] (Davis) 2283,837
Ridgewood of Maple Hills Condominiums (Davis) 2620,938
Riter (Salt Lake) 992,1971
Rivendell Condominium (Salt Lake) 2442,3022
River Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 2003,3878
River Haven Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1954,4117
River Meadow (Salt Lake) 2131,2819
River Oaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2108,3070
River Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 1970,3563
River View Heights (Salt Lake) 1966,3045
River Vista Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2002,4042
Rivera Townhouses [S] (Davis) 2437,535
Riverbend [S] (Salt Lake) 2077,2914
Riveroaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2566,3371
Riverside [S] (Salt Lake) 2039,1707
Riverside [S] (Salt Lake) 2000,2305
Riverside School [S] (Salt Lake) 2104,1965
Riverton Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 1736,4155
Riverton Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1783,4175
Riverton Majestic Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1815,4168
Riverton Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1652,4129
Riverton Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 1659,4234
Riverton Siding (Salt Lake) 2141,4128
Riverton (Salt Lake) 1898,4165
Riverview Acres (Salt Lake) 2157,3000
Riverview East [S] (Salt Lake) 2108,3044
Riverwood (Salt Lake) 2563,3331
Riviera Condo (Salt Lake) 2735,3305
Riviera Heights (Salt Lake) 2764,3264
Robbe (Salt Lake) 976,3769
Robinson Square [S] (Salt Lake) 2556,3915
Robinvale Estates [S] (Davis) 2335,859
Robison Acres (Salt Lake) 2095,2826
Rock Springs [S] (Salt Lake) 1980,1768
Rockhampton Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2769,3968
Rockwood Estates [S] (Davis) 2498,383
Rockwood Gardens [S] (Davis) 2496,364
Rogers Mini Warehouse Condo (Salt Lake) 2239,3021
Rolling Hills Estates [S] (Davis) 2429,174
Rolling Hills Meadows [S] (Davis) 2364,185
Rolling Knolls (Salt Lake) 2688,3204
Rolling Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1774,2620
Rondelle [S] (Salt Lake) 2614,3414
Roper (Salt Lake) 2169,2365
Rosalie Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2839,2766
Rose Garden [S] (Salt Lake) 2466,2714
Rose Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2056,1579
Rose Park Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 1996,1666
Rose Park (Salt Lake) 2078,1642
Rosedale Estates [S] (Davis) 2410,218
Rosedale (Davis) 2426,221
Roseland Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2280,2268
Rothmoor Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2570,3138
Rowe Hills Condominium (Salt Lake) 2949,3460
Roxborough (Salt Lake) 1775,2738
Royal Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 2738,3402
Royal Meadows (Salt Lake) 1845,2921
Royal West [S] (Salt Lake) 1084,2539
Ruflin Acres [S] (Davis) 2262,823
Ruflin Circle [S] (Davis) 2383,837
Rural [S] (Salt Lake) 2240,2293
Rushton Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1394,2580
Russell Park (Salt Lake) 2922,3527
Rustic Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2633,2737
Rustic Acres [S] (Davis) 2325,1008
S and D [S] (Salt Lake) 1960,1715
Sage Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 2716,3624
Sage Crest Subdivision Number 4 (Salt Lake) 2725,3655
Sage Crest Subdivision Number 5 (Salt Lake) 2506,3728
Sage Hill [S] (Salt Lake) 2486,2704
Saint Albans [S] (Salt Lake) 1834,2329
Saint Andrews Park Condo (Salt Lake) 1563,2792
Salishan [S] (Salt Lake) 1956,4067
Salt Lake City (Salt Lake) 2302,1926
Salt Lake International Center [S] (Salt Lake) 1313,1709
Salt Lake View Addition (Salt Lake) 1064,3081
San Francisco Condo (Salt Lake) 1980,2927
San Simeon Hills [S] (Davis) 2506,948
Sandia Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2316,3628
Sandra Way (Salt Lake) 2309,3327
Sandridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2556,3685
Sandy Acres (Salt Lake) 2250,3592
Sandy City (Salt Lake) 2305,3520
Sandy Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2356,3679
Sandy Heights North [S] (Salt Lake) 2340,3678
Sandy Heights North Mini [S] (Salt Lake) 2350,3668
Sandy Heights South (Salt Lake) 2319,3772
Sandy Highlands (Salt Lake) 2475,3452
Sandy Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2538,3627
Sandy Station Original Town (Salt Lake) 2324,3534
Sandy Station Place (Salt Lake) 2294,3557
Sandy Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2408,3502
Scandia Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 2860,3418
Scandia Village (Salt Lake) 2856,3418
Scheel Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1924,4281
Schneiter [S] (Salt Lake) 2512,3534
Schroder [S] (Salt Lake) 1231,2376
Sconberg [S] (Davis) 2240,1108
Scottish Heights (Salt Lake) 2885,3505
Scotts Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2189,2517
Scottsdale [S] (Salt Lake) 1632,2467
Sears Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2702,2812
Selma [S] (Salt Lake) 2352,3192
Set Point East (Salt Lake) 2753,3439
Seven Oaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2606,3676
Seven Springs [S] (Salt Lake) 2936,3839
Seventh South [S] (Salt Lake) 2093,1988
Shadow Hills East (Salt Lake) 2499,3340
Shadow Mountain (Salt Lake) 2847,2834
Shadow Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2494,4062
Shadow Run Estates (Salt Lake) 953,2407
Shadowns [S] (Salt Lake) 2404,2822
Shady Brook Estates (Salt Lake) 2819,3051
Shady Grove [S] (Salt Lake) 2656,3119
Shalamar (Salt Lake) 2720,3069
Shaleh Estates (Salt Lake) 2619,2865
Shamrock Drive [S] (Davis) 2405,888
Shangrila (Salt Lake) 2713,3037
Sharal Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1116,2454
Sharp [S] (Salt Lake) 2039,2256
Sheridan [S] (Davis) 2489,482
Sherwood Forest Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2033,1916
Sherwood Hills Condo (Salt Lake) 2966,3348
Sherwood Hills (Salt Lake) 2952,3355
Sherwood Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2551,3412
Shiloh [S] (Salt Lake) 2019,3525
Shorland [S] (Salt Lake) 1789,2676
Shoshone Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2530,3647
Siders Estates (Davis) 2259,1140
Sierra Dawn Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2743,2758
Sierra Grande (Salt Lake) 1735,3043
Siesta Drive Condo (Salt Lake) 2514,3301
Silver Acres (Salt Lake) 2310,3364
Silver Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 1364,2477
Silver Mountain Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2569,3593
Silver Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2102,2036
Silver Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2481,3957
Silver Sage [S] (Salt Lake) 2421,3874
Silver Shadow Estates (Salt Lake) 2397,3811
Silver Shadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2420,3280
Silver Smith [S] (Salt Lake) 2465,3920
Silvercrest Mesa [S] (Salt Lake) 2543,3611
Silvercrest Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2547,3598
Silversmith Estates (Salt Lake) 2471,3928
Ski Haven Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2607,3647
Ski View Estates (Salt Lake) 2605,3696
Sky Blue Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1439,2665
Skyline Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2878,2777
Skyline Manor (Salt Lake) 2568,3269
Skyline Park [S] (Davis) 2267,1062
Skypark T Hanger [S] (Davis) 2061,922
Skyview (Salt Lake) 1577,3038
Sleepy Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 2863,2811
Sleepy Hollow Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 2476,3669
Sleepy Hollow Two (Salt Lake) 2845,2829
Smith [S] (Davis) 2464,387
Smith Salt Lake [S] (Salt Lake) 2050,2123
Smithfield [S] (Salt Lake) 2741,2727
Smithonian North [S] (Salt Lake) 1772,2641
Smiths [S] (Salt Lake) 1981,2140
Smoot Farm Estates - Plat A [S] (Davis) 2417,255
Smoot Farm Estates (Davis) 2412,234
Smout [S] (Salt Lake) 1871,2605
Snow [S] (Salt Lake) 2127,1785
Snyder (Salt Lake) 895,4041
Soffe (Salt Lake) 2326,3327
Somerset Estates Place (Salt Lake) 2700,3273
Somerset Garden Condominium (Salt Lake) 2561,1850
Somerville in Draper [S] (Salt Lake) 2480,4195
Sommerset South Place (Salt Lake) 2700,3288
Sorensen (Salt Lake) 2579,3256
Sorrento Estates [S] (Davis) 2265,920
South Bluff Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1803,4565
South Boulevard [S] (Salt Lake) 2290,2269
South Bridge Plat A (Salt Lake) 2648,3575
South Church Heights [S] (Davis) 2330,998
South Cottonwood Acres (Salt Lake) 2497,3002
South Cottonwood Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2356,2925
South Dale [S] (Salt Lake) 2415,3141
South Glendale [S] (Salt Lake) 1985,2147
South Hill Crest (Salt Lake) 2410,3306
South Jordan Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1836,3768
South Jordan (Salt Lake) 1976,3788
South Main Street Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2294,2130
South Main Townhouses [S] (Davis) 2375,840
South Morningside Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2839,2685
South Olympus Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2793,2715
South Salt Lake [S] (Salt Lake) 2283,2250
South Salt Lake (Salt Lake) 2310,2322
South Valley Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2363,3954
South Valley View (Davis) 2298,1125
South View [S] (Davis) 2337,998
Southampton (Salt Lake) 2920,3389
Southern Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1523,3000
Southern Charm [S] (Salt Lake) 2404,3850
Southfork [S] (Salt Lake) 1163,2421
Southgate Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2287,2381
Southland Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2341,3571
Southland Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2772,3382
Southridge (Salt Lake) 1632,2841
Southview [S] (Salt Lake) 2405,3120
Southwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2426,3097
Southwood Manor [S] (Salt Lake) 1619,3707
Southwood Three and Four [S] (Salt Lake) 2427,3058
Southwood Two [S] (Salt Lake) 2425,3113
Spencers Annex (Salt Lake) 804,2379
Sport Sales Plaza [S] (Davis) 2319,398
Spring Circle (Salt Lake) 2506,3709
Spring Creek [S] (Salt Lake) 2846,2790
Spring Creek Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2858,2793
Spring Creek Manor [S] (Salt Lake) 2854,2777
Spring Dale [S] (Salt Lake) 2395,2782
Spring Glen (Salt Lake) 3197,1891
Spring Hill Condominium (Salt Lake) 2404,2911
Spring Hollow [S] (Salt Lake) 2261,3885
Spring Lane Condominium (Salt Lake) 2578,2924
Spring Meadow [S] (Davis) 2172,860
Spring Run (Salt Lake) 2574,2874
Spring Valley (Salt Lake) 1855,2766
Springbrook [S] (Salt Lake) 1348,2660
Springtree Condominium (Salt Lake) 2386,2965
Sprucewood [S] (Salt Lake) 2473,3852
Spurrier [S] (Salt Lake) 2252,2964
Stagg [S] (Salt Lake) 2586,3892
Standia (Salt Lake) 2641,3022
Stanley Circle [S] (Davis) 2418,1050
Stansbury [S] (Salt Lake) 1713,2563
Star Heights [S] (Davis) 2439,1027
Startup [S] (Salt Lake) 2457,2705
Steadman Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1813,3187
Steadman Estates - Numbers 2-5 (Salt Lake) 1819,3119
Steeple View [S] (Salt Lake) 2561,3515
Steffensen Heights (Salt Lake) 2814,3346
Stephanie Estates (Salt Lake) 1040,2514
Stephens [S] (Davis) 2268,661
Stev Linda [S] (Salt Lake) 2851,2696
Stevenson Island (Salt Lake) 2244,3055
Stewart Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2001,2041
Stewarts Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2224,2154
Stone Creek [S] (Salt Lake) 1903,2543
Stone Creek [S] (Davis) 2436,642
Stone Hollow Condo (Salt Lake) 1656,2892
Stone Hollow Condominium (Salt Lake) 1884,2587
Stonebridge Condo (Salt Lake) 2256,2852
Stonebridge Condo (Salt Lake) 3048,3740
Storm Mountain Terrace (Salt Lake) 2400,3963
Stratler [S] (Salt Lake) 2191,3046
Streeper Park [S] (Davis) 2450,342
Suburban View [S] (Salt Lake) 2554,3504
Success Estates (Salt Lake) 2559,3941
Sue Ann [S] (Salt Lake) 1103,2508
Sugar House (Salt Lake) 2475,2261
Sullivan Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2782,2741
Summer Crest [S] (Salt Lake) 2722,3551
Summer Garden Townhouse Condominium (Davis) 2313,963
Summer Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2630,3540
Summer Oak [S] (Davis) 2426,1061
Summer Oaks Twin Homes (Salt Lake) 2565,3394
Summer Oaks (Salt Lake) 2949,3402
Summerfield [S] (Salt Lake) 2378,3177
Summerhill Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1987,4026
Summerhill Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2707,4013
Summers [S] (Davis) 2596,741
Summertree [S] (Davis) 2246,619
Summerwood Estates (Salt Lake) 1891,2966
Summerwood (Salt Lake) 1834,3096
Sunburst Circle (Salt Lake) 2810,3236
Sunburst Meadows (Salt Lake) 2362,3444
Suncrest Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2669,2772
Suncrest (Salt Lake) 1313,2968
Sundown [S] (Salt Lake) 1490,2601
Sundown [S] (Salt Lake) 1446,2610
Sundown [S] (Davis) 2245,1126
Sunny Side [S] (Salt Lake) 1375,2477
Sunny Slope [S] (Davis) 2436,841
Sunny-View Estates [S] (Davis) 2398,586
Sunnybrook Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1752,2659
Sunnygrove [S] (Salt Lake) 1726,2658
Sunnyvale Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 1526,2558
Sunnyvale Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1556,2556
Sunrise [S] (Salt Lake) 2351,3213
Sunrise Hills (Salt Lake) 2777,3214
Sunrise Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2613,3621
Sunrise Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2583,3458
Sunset Downs (Salt Lake) 1389,2889
Sunset Heights [S] (Davis) 2483,338
Sunset Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 1320,2693
Sunset Hollow [S] (Davis) 2538,1054
Sunset Meadows Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2713,3723
Sunset View Estates (Davis) 2417,268
Sunshine [S] (Davis) 2362,876
Sunstone (Salt Lake) 2150,2780
Superior [S] (Salt Lake) 2131,1552
Surrey Downs [S] (Davis) 2303,628
Susie Ranch [S] (Davis) 2321,537
Sutton Estates (Salt Lake) 966,2407
Sutton (Salt Lake) 2935,3538
Swallow [S] (Salt Lake) 1490,2536
Sycamore [S] (Davis) 2254,1111
Sycamore Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2688,2817
Syndicate Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2224,2246
TGanglewood Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2642,2763
Talisman Drive [S] (Salt Lake) 1997,1632
Tall Oaks (Salt Lake) 2635,3087
Tamlee Village (Salt Lake) 2346,3338
Tanglewood Acres [S] (Davis) 2276,795
Tanglewood Subdivision Number 3 (Salt Lake) 2537,3140
Tanner Lane Condo (Salt Lake) 2622,3132
Tara Condominium (Salt Lake) 2290,1790
Tara Estates (Salt Lake) 2422,3223
Tara Gardens Condominium [S] (Salt Lake) 2744,2774
Taylor Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2561,3926
Taylor Lane (Salt Lake) 1770,2895
Taylors [S] (Salt Lake) 2151,1770
Taylorsville Cove (Salt Lake) 1708,2817
Taylorsville Gardens (Salt Lake) 1903,2684
Taylorsville (Salt Lake) 1939,2792
Teakwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2594,3940
Teasel Downs [S] (Salt Lake) 1208,2480
Telford [S] (Davis) 2183,628
Temple View [S] (Salt Lake) 2245,2118
Ten Fifty East Circle [S] (Davis) 2558,779
Terminal (Salt Lake) 1464,1949
Terra [S] (Salt Lake) 1656,2711
Terra Linda [S] (Salt Lake) 2686,2730
Terrace Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2633,3430
Terrace Falls Condominium (Salt Lake) 2114,1806
Terraces Mount Olympus Condominium (Salt Lake) 2856,2842
Terrell (Salt Lake) 2284,3235
Thaxton Acres (Salt Lake) 1753,3923
The Avenues Condominium (Salt Lake) 2431,1802
The Avenues Hertiage Condominium (Salt Lake) 2444,1823
The Cottonwood Condominium (Salt Lake) 2640,2915
The Cottonwoods Condominium (Salt Lake) 2666,2908
The Courtyard Condominium (Davis) 2371,701
The Cove at Hidden Valley (Salt Lake) 2741,4059
The Downs (Salt Lake) 2588,3358
The Groves (Salt Lake) 3483,1417
The Hills Subdivisions (Davis) 2516,585
The Horse Store (Salt Lake) 1906,3875
The Maryland Condominium (Salt Lake) 2477,1847
The Mills [S] (Davis) 2172,878
The Oaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2701,3440
The Oakwoods [S] (Salt Lake) 2905,3694
The Pines [S] (Davis) 2375,350
The Sultan [S] (Salt Lake) 2228,3052
The Sultan Valley Downs [S] (Salt Lake) 1522,2435
The Terraces Condominium (Salt Lake) 2284,2208
The Terraces of Rose Park Condominium (Salt Lake) 2058,1699
The Villa Granade Condominium (Salt Lake) 2286,1787
The Willowbrook Condominium (Salt Lake) 2377,2931
The Wilshire Condo (Salt Lake) 2500,1942
The Wood [S] (Salt Lake) 1711,3519
The Woodlands Business Park (Salt Lake) 2429,2647
Third and M Townhouse Condominium (Salt Lake) 2488,1816
Thirteenth Avenue [S] (Salt Lake) 2471,1714
Thirteenth South [S] (Davis) 2405,838
Thomas Estates (Salt Lake) 1813,2839
Thomas Gardens (Salt Lake) 840,2430
Thompson Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1383,2622
Thompsons [S] (Salt Lake) 2134,1728
Thorn [S] (Salt Lake) 2268,2064
Thorup Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1705,2438
Three Fountains Bountiful Condominium (Davis) 2451,787
Three Fountains East Condominium (Salt Lake) 2463,3185
Three Fountains Manor House Condominium (Salt Lake) 2417,2843
Three Fountains Townhomes and Manor Houses (Salt Lake) 2443,2859
Three Fountains Young American Family Condominium (Salt Lake) 2425,2864
Tidewater Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 2542,2831
Timp View Plat A,B,C,D (Salt Lake) 1828,4200
Tingleys Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2314,2827
Todd Villa [S] (Salt Lake) 1865,2547
Top of the World (Salt Lake) 2957,3466
Torry Pines [S] (Salt Lake) 2331,3712
Tower Hill Condominium (Salt Lake) 2357,1781
Towncrest Terrace (Salt Lake) 2707,3241
Towne and Country Village (Salt Lake) 2852,3353
Transwest Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2538,3977
Transwest Hollow (Salt Lake) 1739,2823
Transwest Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2270,3841
Tree Farm Estates (Salt Lake) 2902,3464
Trevi Towers Condominium (Salt Lake) 2290,1795
Triad Center [S] (Salt Lake) 2238,1828
Turley (Salt Lake) 1580,2400
Turramurra Lodge Condominiums (Salt Lake) 3798,3693
Twenty-seventh Street Condo (Salt Lake) 1809,2865
Twin Hollows [S] (Davis) 2545,609
Twin Lakes [S] (Salt Lake) 1962,3510
Twin Peaks [S] (Salt Lake) 2295,3193
Twin Peaks Circle (Salt Lake) 2474,2931
Twin Peaks Condominium (Salt Lake) 2906,3380
Twin Willows [S] (Salt Lake) 2152,3019
Twins at Little Willow [S] (Salt Lake) 2288,3829
Twins of Arden (Salt Lake) 1344,2882
Two Pines Condominium (Salt Lake) 1997,2608
Tyler (Salt Lake) 2546,2965
Ulrich [S] (Salt Lake) 1718,2723
Union Plat (Salt Lake) 2480,3261
Union Square [S] (Salt Lake) 2380,3635
Union View (Salt Lake) 2572,3282
Union (Salt Lake) 2398,3251
Unionwood Place (Salt Lake) 2346,3346
University [S] (Salt Lake) 2133,1770
University Village (Salt Lake) 2698,2013
Utah Labor Center Condominium (Salt Lake) 1957,2288
Utah Southern Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 1969,2131
Utahna [S] (Salt Lake) 2060,2129
Utahna Murray [S] (Salt Lake) 2247,3013
Ute [S] (Salt Lake) 2450,2875
Ute Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2432,2880
Val De Neige [S] (Salt Lake) 2737,3441
Val Mar [S] (Davis) 2486,613
Val Verda Condominium (Davis) 2310,1003
Val Verda Heights [S] (Davis) 2397,987
Val Verda (Davis) 2313,1034
Val Vista (Davis) 2376,1018
Valaire (Salt Lake) 1978,3118
Valencia (Davis) 2252,541
Valerie [S] (Davis) 2342,959
Valley Center [S] (Salt Lake) 2257,2946
Valley Center Number 2 [S] (Salt Lake) 2239,3029
Valley Crest Estates (Salt Lake) 2357,3417
Valley Down [S] (Salt Lake) 1578,2423
Valley Down Two [S] (Salt Lake) 1566,2614
Valley Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1727,2417
Valley Fair Estates (Salt Lake) 2479,2970
Valley Heights Twin Home Condo (Salt Lake) 1669,2853
Valley High [S] (Salt Lake) 1834,3151
Valley Home View [S] (Salt Lake) 1722,2671
Valley Park (Salt Lake) 1860,2947
Valley Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2549,3386
Valley Side [S] (Davis) 2239,1134
Valley Side Circle [S] (Davis) 2226,1131
Valley View [S] (Salt Lake) 2714,3134
Valley View Heights [S] (Davis) 2513,459
Valley View Park (Salt Lake) 1375,2938
Valley West [S] (Salt Lake) 1623,3513
Van Dyke and Willey Condominium (Davis) 2335,658
Van Orden Heights [S] (Davis) 2497,686
Van Ross Estates (Salt Lake) 1787,3913
Vega Park (Salt Lake) 975,2460
Vegas [S] (Salt Lake) 2697,2715
Velasquez (Salt Lake) 2237,2563
Velbar (Salt Lake) 1848,2787
Venier (Salt Lake) 2612,3273
Victoria Meadow Condo (Salt Lake) 2777,3335
Victoria Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2574,1827
Victorian Condominium (Salt Lake) 2456,1813
Victory Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2262,2229
Viewcrest Park (Salt Lake) 2627,3294
Viewmont Circle (Salt Lake) 2755,2876
Viewmont Condominium (Salt Lake) 2710,2857
Viking Estates (Salt Lake) 1720,4184
Villa [S] (Davis) 2402,856
Villa Del Sol [S] (Salt Lake) 2541,3553
Villa Marie [S] (Salt Lake) 2417,2725
Villa Montaige Condominium (Salt Lake) 2019,1923
Villa Nova Condominium (Davis) 2356,902
Village Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2270,2760
Village Three Condominium (Salt Lake) 2575,3052
Village Two Condo (Salt Lake) 1826,2666
Villas La Montagne [S] (Salt Lake) 2920,3718
Villas of Country Lane [S] (Salt Lake) 2489,2753
Vine Street East Condominium (Salt Lake) 2485,3081
Vineyard [S] (Davis) 2620,716
Vineyard Condominium (Davis) 2252,1093
Vineyard Glen [S] (Salt Lake) 2540,3569
Virginia Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2578,1761
Virginia Square Condo (Salt Lake) 2717,3236
Vista Plat (Salt Lake) 1635,3563
Vista Ventes (Salt Lake) 2592,3220
Vista Village [S] (Salt Lake) 2445,2702
Vistaview [S] (Davis) 2562,746
Vogue Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2262,2218
Wagstaff Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2669,2795
Wahoo [S] (Salt Lake) 2209,2146
Walden Glen [S] (Salt Lake) 2017,2947
Walden Hills [S] (Salt Lake) 2077,2954
Walden Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2046,2961
Walden Ridge [S] (Salt Lake) 2084,3001
Walker Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1787,4107
Walkers [S] (Salt Lake) 2260,2022
Wall Street Condominium (Salt Lake) 2282,1706
Wallace Heights (Salt Lake) 2213,3635
Wallace Lane Condominium (Salt Lake) 2878,2838
Walnut Brook [S] (Salt Lake) 2405,3005
Walnut Grove (Salt Lake) 2813,3331
Walnut Hills (Salt Lake) 1280,3027
Wanda Kay Estates (Salt Lake) 2309,3259
Wander Village (Salt Lake) 2838,2847
Wane/Match [S] (Salt Lake) 1332,2607
Wannock [S] (Salt Lake) 1785,2647
Ware (Salt Lake) 2510,3458
Warranty [S] (Salt Lake) 2392,3191
Warranty (Salt Lake) 2628,3064
Warrwood [S] (Salt Lake) 1686,2481
Wasatch Oaks Condominium (Salt Lake) 2941,3460
Wasatch Resort (Salt Lake) 3172,3746
Wasatch View Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1757,3515
Wasatch Village Two and Three (Salt Lake) 2518,3092
Wasatch Village (Salt Lake) 2503,3081
Washington Square [S] (Salt Lake) 2365,3627
Watchwood (Salt Lake) 1857,2678
Waterbury Condominium (Salt Lake) 2574,3010
Waterloo Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2366,2164
Watkins Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2408,2131
Watson [S] (Salt Lake) 2459,3499
Waverly [S] (Salt Lake) 2019,1719
Wayland Station at Old Farm Condo (Salt Lake) 2413,2652
Waymark (Salt Lake) 2825,2553
Wayne Cooper [S] (Davis) 2346,692
Webb and Palmers Addition (Salt Lake) 2346,2113
Wedgewood Willows Condo (Salt Lake) 2333,2547
Welby Avenue [S] (Salt Lake) 2336,2438
Welby (Salt Lake) 1545,3532
Wellington Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2360,2166
Wellington Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2654,2771
Wells (Salt Lake) 2816,2595
Wenco Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2079,2158
Wenco Condominium (Salt Lake) 2083,2161
Wendell Circle (Salt Lake) 2366,2567
Wendell Way (Salt Lake) 2372,2572
Wescall [S] (Salt Lake) 1607,3584
West Boulevard [S] (Salt Lake) 2268,2080
West Bountiful (Davis) 2260,672
West Drive [S] (Salt Lake) 2269,2059
West Grand View [S] (Salt Lake) 2504,2196
West Haven [S] (Salt Lake) 1635,2401
West Hills Number 2 [S] (Salt Lake) 1250,2659
West Hills (Salt Lake) 1315,2968
West Hunter [S] (Salt Lake) 1071,2520
West Jordan (Salt Lake) 1921,3339
West River Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2011,3650
West Salt Lake [S] (Salt Lake) 1679,1625
West Temple Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2266,2137
West Valley City (Salt Lake) 1505,2555
West Woods Mobile Homes PUD (Davis) 2149,773
Westbrook Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1760,2507
Westbrook Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1702,2403
Westbrook (Salt Lake) 1708,3071
Westcove (Salt Lake) 1753,2753
Western [S] (Salt Lake) 2127,1832
Western Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1626,2529
Western Charm [S] (Salt Lake) 1857,4344
Western Pacific Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2059,2304
Western Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1785,2388
Western Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2268,3103
Western Sun (Salt Lake) 1019,2443
Westfold [S] (Salt Lake) 1785,4031
Westgate [S] (Salt Lake) 1566,2604
Westglen Village Condominium (Salt Lake) 1886,2558
Westhampton [S] (Salt Lake) 1528,2519
Westlake Business Park [S] (Salt Lake) 1655,2342
Westlake Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1691,2466
Westminster Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2588,2246
Westminster Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2569,2206
Westmoreland Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2613,2129
Westpointe [S] (Salt Lake) 1919,1559
Westridge [S] (Salt Lake) 1512,2461
Westview [S] (Salt Lake) 1716,2618
Westview Terrace (Salt Lake) 1386,2923
Westward Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 1452,2545
Westwood [S] (Davis) 2307,885
Westwood Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 1657,2609
Westwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1656,2630
Westwood Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2263,2247
Westwood Ranchettes [S] (Salt Lake) 1780,3186
Westwood Village [S] (Salt Lake) 1625,2624
Westwood (Salt Lake) 1617,2969
Whalons Addition [S] (Salt Lake) 2068,1998
Wheadon Acres (Salt Lake) 1739,3797
Whisperwood [S] (Salt Lake) 2615,3686
Whitaker [S] (Salt Lake) 2570,2167
Whitaker Estates (Salt Lake) 1854,2863
White Circle (Salt Lake) 2706,2443
White City Subdivision Number 1 (Salt Lake) 2428,3699
White City Subdivision Number 2 (Salt Lake) 2431,3799
White City (Salt Lake) 2438,3768
White Hill Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 3084,2731
White Sands [S] (Salt Lake) 2365,3810
White Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2303,2989
Whitehead [S] (Salt Lake) 1978,1676
Whites Way (Salt Lake) 1000,2411
Whitewood Estates (Salt Lake) 1659,2952
Whitmore Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2832,3687
Wiechert Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1825,4087
Wiggins [S] (Davis) 2187,1127
Wildflower [S] (Salt Lake) 2605,3720
Wildwood [S] (Davis) 2169,1122
Wildwood Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2529,3959
Wildwood (Salt Lake) 2700,3011
Wilkes [S] (Salt Lake) 2154,1718
Wilkinsons [S] (Salt Lake) 2071,1726
Willard (Salt Lake) 2667,2450
Willes [S] (Salt Lake) 2423,2770
Williams [S] (Salt Lake) 2560,2187
Williams West [S] (Davis) 2390,508
Williamsburg [S] (Salt Lake) 1844,3572
Williamsburg Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1207,2658
Williamsburg Park Condo (Salt Lake) 2376,3444
Williamsburgh [S] (Salt Lake) 1959,1534
Willow Bay Numbers 3 and 4 (Salt Lake) 1691,2974
Willow Bay (Salt Lake) 1693,2935
Willow Cereek Road Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2641,3478
Willow Cove [S] (Salt Lake) 1489,2489
Willow Creek Estates (Salt Lake) 2798,3524
Willow Creek Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2767,3565
Willow Creek Hill (Salt Lake) 2913,3493
Willow Creek Hills (Salt Lake) 2766,3544
Willow Creek Meadows (Salt Lake) 2687,3586
Willow Creek Mesa [S] (Salt Lake) 2700,3974
Willow Creek Ranchettes [S] (Salt Lake) 2712,3427
Willow Creek Terrace [S] (Salt Lake) 2662,3444
Willow Creek View (Salt Lake) 2904,3393
Willow Creek (Salt Lake) 2800,3446
Willow Farm Estates [S] (Davis) 2390,233
Willow Glen [S] (Salt Lake) 2883,3702
Willow Glen South [S] (Salt Lake) 1706,3147
Willow Green [S] (Salt Lake) 1687,2576
Willow Hill (Salt Lake) 2590,3275
Willow Place [S] (Salt Lake) 1930,1651
Willow Run Park (Salt Lake) 1663,2805
Willow Stream Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 2695,3406
Willow View [S] (Salt Lake) 2436,4021
Willow View Estates (Salt Lake) 1942,3504
Willow Wick Estates (Salt Lake) 2797,3553
Willowbrook Estates (Salt Lake) 2445,4338
Willowbrook Farm [S] (Davis) 2234,569
Willowcreek East (Salt Lake) 2829,3404
Willowcreek Oaks (Salt Lake) 2860,3395
Willowcreek (Salt Lake) 2826,3559
Willowcrest (Salt Lake) 2892,3388
Willows Condominium (Salt Lake) 2377,2939
Wilmington [S] (Salt Lake) 2404,2288
Wilshire Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2416,3437
Wilson [S] (Davis) 2218,1058
Wilson [S] (Salt Lake) 2324,3202
Wilson [S] (Salt Lake) 2687,2209
Win Del (Salt Lake) 2571,2719
Winder Meadows [S] (Salt Lake) 2574,2717
Windsor Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 2458,2378
Windsor Place [S] (Salt Lake) 2471,2054
Windwood Estates (Salt Lake) 1801,3079
Winfield [S] (Salt Lake) 2459,2261
Winslow Park (Salt Lake) 2333,2553
Wood Creek Glen Condominium (Salt Lake) 2375,2682
Wood Estates [S] (Davis) 2188,855
Wood Haven [S] (Salt Lake) 1212,2598
Wood Hollow Condo (Salt Lake) 2519,2317
Wood Hollow Ranchettes (Salt Lake) 1845,4616
Woodbridge Condominium (Salt Lake) 2610,2843
Woodbury [S] (Salt Lake) 2504,2060
Woodbury Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1509,2612
Woodcove [S] (Salt Lake) 1586,2539
Woodcreek Condo (Salt Lake) 2386,2633
Woodcreek Glen Condo (Salt Lake) 2386,2641
Wooded Acres [S] (Salt Lake) 2673,3944
Woodhaven Village Number 5 (Salt Lake) 1983,2770
Woodhaven Village (Salt Lake) 1990,2860
Woodland [S] (Davis) 2479,835
Woodland Estates East (Salt Lake) 1943,3054
Woodland Gardens [S] (Davis) 2331,878
Woodland Hills Estates [S] (Davis) 2532,781
Woodledge [S] (Salt Lake) 1381,2687
Woodmansee [S] (Salt Lake) 2489,2028
Woodmere [S] (Davis) 2507,694
Woodridge Country Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1591,3724
Woodridge Country Estates (Salt Lake) 2399,3743
Woodridge Terrace (Salt Lake) 2984,2511
Woodridge (Salt Lake) 2518,3108
Woods Cross (Davis) 2323,883
Woodside Heights (Salt Lake) 2653,2664
Woodstock Village (Salt Lake) 2544,3088
Woodstock (Salt Lake) 2515,3061
Woodview Estates (Salt Lake) 1210,2999
Woodview Heights (Salt Lake) 1217,2978
Wren Circle Condominium (Salt Lake) 2783,2846
Wren Hollow (Salt Lake) 2787,2851
Wren Lane East (Salt Lake) 2760,3109
Wren Lane West (Salt Lake) 2760,3117
Wright [S] (Salt Lake) 2463,3653
Wright Circle [S] (Salt Lake) 1975,1938
Wright Efficiency Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2151,1694
Wright Subdivision 1-5 (Salt Lake) 1843,2570
Wright Subdivision 11 (Salt Lake) 1793,2644
Wright Subdivision 6, 8, 10 (Salt Lake) 1824,2598
Xanadu (Salt Lake) 2129,2803
Y-Worry Estates [S] (Salt Lake) 1962,3772
Yale Gardens [S] (Salt Lake) 2697,2068
Yale Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2694,2097
Yale Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2614,2090
Yalecrest Heights [S] (Salt Lake) 2673,2073
Yalecrest Park [S] (Salt Lake) 2662,2062
Yalecroft [S] (Salt Lake) 2695,2076
Young Haven Circle (Salt Lake) 2771,2502
Yuma View (Salt Lake) 2695,2406
Zion Summit Condominium (Salt Lake) 2297,1803
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